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Number 684, August 19, 2012

"Stand Down!"

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Health Hazards

So was reading local rag tonight (Sunday, the 12th of Lunasa, 2012). Story about doctors seeing guns as as a disease on page 5 of Section A (for comparison same newspaper, the El Paso Times, carried report about Operation Fast and Furious guns being smuggled through El Paso to Juarez on last page of Section B earlier in week). This myth has been around for a while, but the story was written as if the doctors had just started to formulate this hypothesis since the massacre at the Sikh temple last week (the story was written in Milwaukee.).

This issue keeps coming up over and over because to be honest Gun Control doesn't matter to most people most of the time. So even though articles such as the one at this web site and this one have been around for a while most people think viewing guns as a disease is a new idea. Since they have not been following the debate since the Nineties they are not aware that this hypothesis has been refuted. What they do know is that the latest mass murder was terrible and something has to be done and didn't the newspaper say guns were like a gem that kills people. then it all goes away and everyone forgets about it and then about a month maybe six weeks later another horrible killing happens. And the lie gets repeated, but no one hears that it has been exposed as a lie.

The thing is, for over a year the people who support the idea that guns are a disease and should be banned armed mass murderers and murders of six or seven people in one attack were reported every third day and at least one murder of a dozen or more every weekend were reported in the news out of Juarez. We didn't get to forget. Anyone who heard this got a little desensitized and after a while what we got out of it were that the sicarrios of the Sinaloa Cartel and La Linea were running rampant killing people who were unarmed and couldn't fight back. Mind you, they did a pretty good job on armed people who could fight back, too.

What kind of sick monsters would knowingly arm mass murderers and turn them loose on people disarmed by law? Perhaps the people infected with this sickness need to be quarantined from the rest of us. Perhaps the germ that makes people sick this way can be identified and the vector for it outlawed. Unfortunately, I understand that the two political parties in the US that have become the reservoirs for this illness and their continual existence is protected by the First Amendment. Maybe we can pay off a bunch of doctors to explain why the Democrats and Republicans need to be banned as health hazards.

A.X. Perez

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