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Number 684, August 19, 2012

"Stand Down!"

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Gary Me Not On The Lone Prairie
by L. Neil Smith

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I live in what's known politically as a "swing state". At this particular moment, according to a Rasmussen Poll, I think, the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates are tied at 47 percent. That's 94 percent, altogether, for the Boot On Your Neck party.

But it's also a fairly odd thing. As an author and publisher, I know lots of people, not all of them libertarians or conservatives as you might expect. Not a single one of them is willing even to think about voting for Barack H. Obama, or whatever his name is. What's more, not one of them has any interest in voting for the guy whose folks, for one reason or another, saw fit to name him after a baseball glove.

Nobody I know wants Obama or Romney, nobody.

And yet ...

And yet ...

Here we are.


I've written about Barack Obama before. He's a communist, educated by communists, raised by communists, sired and hatched by communists. Communists are the kindly and humane outfit that deliberately murdered over 100 million innocent individuals in the 20th century, according to Amnesty International, not exactly a right-wing anti-collectivist organization, who have referred to communist governments as "killing machines".

Obama's objective (or that of his string-pullers; he's not bright enough to have any goals of his own) is to demolish American political and economic culture so that it can be taken over (to the extent that it hasn't been already) by communist/environmentalists and refashioned in the horrifyingly regimented image of the genocidal United Nations' Agenda 21. These days they're talking about murdering five billion people.

On the other hand, I am often suspicious that, in just the same power-behind-the-throne way as Dick Cheney in the Bush Administration, it is actually Joseph Biden—a politically punch-drunk stumblebum who might have turned out okay if they hadn't drilled the holes for his hairplugs too deep—who is the real "brains" behind the Obama Administration. Once they had power, all subtlety suddenly vanished. They overreached immediately and simply couldn't hold their Marxist wad.

And yet Republicans have little room for self-congratulation. Mitt Romney is Barack Obama in white-face, a candidate who couldn't fill small rooms when he was running against the stadium-filling Ron Paul, a phony whose owners had to resort to every kind of dirty, unethical, and downright illegal bit of chicanery to crank him up where he is today. Exactly like his father before him, Romney is the ultimate right-wing me-too GOP empty suit Rotarian socialist who belongs heart and soul to the same mercantilist masters Obama does, and agrees with every item on the faux-President's to-do list. He will begin following Obama's strategies and tactics the hour he's sworn into office.

Paul Ryan is a bug. I can think of a hundred more sapient choices Romney might have made, including Cindy Lou McCain, Donny Osmond, Ann Coulter, and Carrot-top. Ryan's so-called plan to repair the American economy—over a decade or more—is a meaningless, cowardly mash of Cheez-Whiz and Reddi-Whip, completely characteristic of Republican policy. In the long run the man will be as famous and significant, historically speaking, as the late William Miller. (You may have to look him up in Wikipedia; he's the eighth one down the disambiguation list.)

By contrast, consider my plan to fix America in just months, in my new book Down With Power: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis. It's available in dead-tree or e-book form at places like and B& It's very simple, and utterly painless to everyone but politicians, bureaucrats, cops, and the mostly foreign money-monkeys they humbly serve and gave 17 trillion dollars away to. If as few as a million Americans were to read it, the pressure that we could generate could save our once-great country for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

But once again, I have digressed.

Obamarxists or Romunists. That's the wonderful choice we have been given, a pair of power-hungry parasites that give themselves away when their schools, businesses, and bureaucracies refer to us as "Human Resources".

The dismaying fact is that Ron Paul was the last chance American civilization had to survive the 21st century in recognizable form. The Libertarian Party's nominee, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, is no libertarian, no observer of the Zero Aggression Principle, but a political opportunist who has settled to the bottom of the electoral barrel, dragged down by his non-libertarian position on the wars in the middle east, his support for the Israeli police state, and one of several current idiotic scams to "improve" the tax system and make it "fairer".

The unfortunate fact for Governor Johnson is that no matter how you dress her up, a floozie is still a floozie. Taxation is theft—a ten thousand year old crime that started when hunter-gatherers settled down in one place to become farmers, rendering themselves subject to itinerant rapists and pillagers who settled down beside them to become governments.

Taxation is also a form of slavery. As such, it is the duty of genuine libertarians, not to "improve" this criminal system of theft, rape, pillage, and slavery, or to make theft, rape, pillage, and slavery, "fairer" but to work as energetically as possible, every day, to end it, even if it takes as much time—375 years—as it took Isabella of Spain, the first abolitionist, to end the other kind of slavery.

Taxation is the fuel of war, as well, endangering our lives, our liberty, our property, taking our children away and sending them back to us, broken in mind and spirit, crippled, or in plastic bags and boxes.

So much for a "fairer" system of taxation.

The one reason I never publicly mentioned Johnson's competition for the nomination, R. Lee Wrights—a real libertarian, of long and respectable standing—is that, at the start of his campaign, I asked him some legitimate candidate-type questions which he or his handlers decided to ignore, apparently preferring to run a cloyingly vanilla effort. Harry Browne learned the hard way—and actually acknowledged it grudgingly at one point—that it doesn't pay to ignore The Libertarian Enterprise. He blamed it and its publisher for his poor showing in his first campaign; I don't know who he blamed the second time.

My suspicion about Lee's campaign strategy was borne out by one speech I did hear him make. Nobody seems to understand that a third party is obliged to be radical, confrontational, and noisy if it expects to get anywhere, even though that fact has been proven over and over and over again. But the saddest fact is that the Libertarian Party committed suicide the day it gave Browne a second nomination. It disgraced itself, and no genuine libertarian would ever look at it again.

Gary Johnson has even worse problems. I understand that following a program that reminds me of Richard Nixon's "phased withdrawal" from Southeast Asia, he wants to continue sending young Americans into the meat-grinder of the Middle East, and to continue backing a nation, Israel, which even the late Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, called "just another frigging police state".

Only he didn't say "frigging".

I would have liked to support Johnson, and I'm tremendously disappointed that I can't. Instead, if I can't vote for Ron Paul, I'm going to cast a blank for President. It's the next best thing to "None of the Above". If a little old Republican country doctor from Texas can get these issues right, why the bloody hell can't the so-called libertarian?

Plenty of individuals online are telling me that we must settle for Romney or for Johnson, in order to get rid of the dreaded Obama. That only means that next time, people will vote for some Obamanoid— maybe even Barry, himself—to get rid of the dreaded Romney. There's really only one major party, the Boot On Your Neck party, and they've been playing this game as long as I can remember. We need to break away from that. To paraphrase Patrick Henry, I know not what course others may take, but I'm not going to play their dumb-ass game any more.

I remember a time when another Patrick tried this "only game in town" routine, sort of a "least of three evils" bit. Actually, what Buchanan said to libertarians was that he was "the only train leaving the station that was headed in our direction", which was perfectly untrue. Patrick Buchanan is no libertarian, never was, and never will be.

I will, as I said, cast a blank for President, barring a Paulista revolution in Tampa or an epiphany on Johnson's part, neither of which I can see coming. Blank slots on otherwise complete ballots don't get reported to the public, but every politician knows all about them and fears them deeply. One year in Massachusetts, 900,000 voters filled in everything on their ballots except a choice for the U.S. Senate. It was Ted Kennedy's first deep political wound; he never really got over it.

It would be a good beginning for a Romney Administration.

L. Neil Smith is the Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, as well as the author of 33 freedom-oriented books, the most recent of which is DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis:
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