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Number 685, August 26, 2012

"One Giant Leap for Mankind"

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Sick And Tired
by L. Neil Smith

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Guess I'd better warn you at the outset, here, that I'm sick and tired of people at the moment. It surprises me that I don't get that way more often, but when it does happen, there can be no holding it back.

What set me off this time was a couple of ... I don't really think you can call them conversations, but whatever it is that happens on Facebook, that's what it was. They may even have started with the same initial statement; I don't recall. What I do recall is a long string of idiots writing about why other people shouldn't be allowed to own guns. There was even one of the inevitable pisswits who claim to own guns themselves, but aren't against a little good old healthy American "gun control", like the 1968 Gun Control Act, which the salubriously deceased Senator Thomas J. Dodd copied from German gun laws under Hitler?

I didn't count the number of for-and-against statements that had been duly recorded by the time I got there, and which Facebook will now claim as its intellectual property (while they wonder why their once-profitable enterprise is now spinning into the toilet bowl of history).

The fact is, such a conversation shouldn't have even been taking place in the America where I was born and once believed in, an America made strong and free by guns in the hands of its inhabitants—and no, I'm not talking about the guns and inhabitants sent overseas to kick sand in the face of an entire world. I'm talking about the guns and inhabitants that have historically kept talking blobs of mucus like Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, both George Bushes, and Barack Obama from throwing saddles on us and riding us around like ponies.

Look: this is a very simple thing. There are people who want to take your guns away because they're planning to do other things to you that you won't let them do if you still have your guns. That's all there is to it, that's all there ever was, that's all there ever will be.

As witnesses, I would call upon the six millions Jews of Germany who let themselves be disarmed (or never had guns in the first place), but I can't, because they're dead. If you go to the website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, you'll find a chart with a place for every act of genocide in the last century, and more importantly, the mass-disarmament that immediately preceded it.

I'm especially sick and tired of people like the Anti-Defamation League who have refused to learn from history, and think that Jews—and everybody else but the Gestapo—shouldn't be allowed to own guns.

Maybe if our parents hadn't indentured us to the voracious and insatiable mind-parasites of a compulsory, theft-supported socialist indoctrination system, or their parents hadn't indentured them, or our great grandparents hadn't indentured our grandparents, and so on, that stupid conversation would never have happened, and I wouldn't be here, writing this instead of going outside and running naked through the sprinkler.

One of the reasons that I'm sick and tired of people at the moment is that someone didn't take the first guy (or gal, I'm certainly not a bigot in this regard) who said, "Hey, let's round up all the kids and force them into dirty, hot, depressing structures built by the crookedest bidder, and stuff their little heads with everything the government wants them to believe!" I'm disgusted that everyone didn't take that person, whoever he or she was, for a healthy dip in each and every septic tank in whatever county in which they first manifested themselves.

As a consequence, we wind up with a nation of retards (yes—I wrote the nasty, politically incorrect, and oh, so appropriate word!) who actually vote for Nixons and Johnsons and Bushes and Clintons and Obamas, a nation of economic illiterates and fiscal pacifists who let themselves be robbed of 17 trillion dollars (I'm betting most of them don't know what a trillion of anything is) and at the end of it, when they're out of a job and evicted from the home they once thought they owned, half of them want to reelect the criminal scumbag and his good business buddies who pulled off the biggest heist in the history of theft.

I'm sick and tired of people who were offered a great candidate who understands perfectly what's going on and could have fixed it practically overnight, but got dirty-tricked, lied, and cheated out of a fair, proper, and legal chance by people, supposedly on his side, who wanted another lying, cheating corporate fixer in the White House, instead.

I'm sick and tired of people who let that happen, without even a whimper, and who now insist that we must vote for the lying, cheating corporate fixer who screwed our candidate over, because we don't want that original crook back, after all, a two-bit murderous clown that a populace with the collective intelligence of a Brontosaurus's fecalith elected in the first place when anybody with eyes and ears and a brain knew what he was in the first moment they saw him: a cheap flim-flam con-man holding a dagger behind his back for marks who won't buy the pitch.

Of course I thought much the same thing when I returned from a vacation trip to England in 1976 and discovered that a chinless, buck-toothed, living incarnation of Howdy Doody I'd never heard of before, now had a lock on the White House. Matter of fact, I don't think I ever really believed that Jimmy Carter was President. My frustration was that other people couldn't see the man just as clearly.

I'm also sick and tired of people—supposedly my own people—who have nominated as their candidate a politician who aspires to impose a "flat tax" on us—when libertarians should be demanding an end to all taxes on exactly the same principle that ended traditional chattel slavery. The fact that this same, supposedly libertarian candidate wants to go on dropping bombs on pregnant widows and ten-year-old goatherds is just icing on the cake—if you made your cake and icing from what comes out of the back end of various farm animals.

But believe it or not, I have digressed once again. What really launched this tirade was that same Facebook thing—or one very much like it, it's hard to tell—where some of the specimens that Hitler's pal Joseph Goebbels called "useful idiots—were holding forth, attempting to excuse, justify, rationalize ... I don't know what to call it. They were trying to say that the uniformed pair of homicidal bastards—who shot nine innocent people at point-blank range, in an attempt to get to another guy who had a gun that didn't work—maybe had a good or at least understandable reason for their crime.

And maybe Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or Lon Horiuchi were just poor, misunderstood victims, who needed a nice warm bottle and a blanky.

Does anybody else remember young Amadou Diallo, an unarmed Guinean immigrant who was struck nineteen times out of the forty-one shots fired at him in 1999 by four badge-carrying New York thugs—who were acquitted? Since then, things have gotten worse. Police atrocities of all kinds happen almost every day. We shake our heads and wonder why.

But this, too, is a very simple thing. It happens because they can get away with it. Not a single cop or soldier has ever been prosecuted for their mass-murdering orgy at Waco. Janet Reno should be jittering with Parkinson's in a jail cell somewhere, instead of wherever she is. They gave the slimewads—you may have recognized the name Horiuchi a ways back—medals for murdering Vicky Weaver, her son, and their dog.


And that's why these shootings happened in New York. Like we used to say back in the Dark Ages when, believe it or not, there was only one phone company, their motto is, "We don't care, we don't have to care". But don't take my word for it. Just ask Antonio Buehler, a victim of police abuse who's talking back at:

or ex-U.S. Marine Brandon Raub, arrested by Virginia police for his political Facebook postings, and thrown "indefinitely" into a nearby funny-farm in true Soviet tradition. Congratulations, Virginia. If you were on fire, Thomas Jefferson wouldn't cross the street to piss you out. Happily, a federal judge threw the bullshit flag on this play, and Raub is free—as free as anyone can be in the American Police State.

Forget everything that you were ever taught in your government indoctrination center about "civics". You and I, the Amadou Diallos of the world and the nine innocent New Yorkers are only cattle, to be herded and milked and finally slaughtered at the convenience of our owners.

The police are their cowboys, and any cattleman considers it acceptable if you have to lose a few head to get rid of a mountain lion (even an imaginary one) that might otherwise ravage the entire herd.

Get along, little dogie.

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