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Number 687, September 9, 2012

"The parasites who think they own us are beginning to be afraid"

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Sitrep 2012
by L. Neil Smith

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So here we are again—basically, where we have been all our lives.

As an author and lecturer, and simply as a human being, I know a great many individuals (the average person knows about three hundred; I know several times that number), not a single one of which wants to vote for Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is, later this year. Nor does anybody I'm acquainted with want to vote for Mitt Romney.

And yet, despite hundreds of thousands of person-hours of effort, millions of dollars in contributions to change things, somehow, that's the choice—if you want to call it that—we're left with. Plastic Man I versus Plastic Man II; Socialist Party A versus Socialist Party B. Vote for the murderous criminal collectivist of your choice, but vote.

The people I know, like all of Gaul, are divided into three parts—maybe three and a half: those who will vote for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, running with the Libertarian Party; those who will vote, somehow, for liberty's good friend Ron Paul, come hell or high water; and those who will not vote at all. The remaining "half" are those who will "cast a blank", fill in their ballots otherwise, but leave the choice of President unmade. This sends a message the general public never sees, because the dull-witted, corrupt, and gutless media won't report it, but which politicians can read loud and clear.

From the point of view of the Productive Class, democracy has been an abysmal failure, elevating the very worst among us, the dumbest, the least sane, and the most evil. In my lifetime—indeed, in all of the 21st century so far, in all of the 20th, and in most of the 19th, the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives have been filled with almost nothing but the moral equivalent of paralyzed autistic lepers.

Even the Libertarian Party has reached a point where they seem capable of nominating nothing but losers, clowns, and fools who can't understand that an American third party has to look and feel and sound and operate very differently than the major parties do if it has any hope of advancing the cause of freedom. This is a pit they fell into—or were pushed—almost at the beginning, out of which they've never managed to climb, in part because they don't realize they're in it.

Meanwhile, of course, democracy works just fine for the enemies of individual liberty. In many respects, we lost our Revolution. From the 1790s onward, America became an extremely productive farm for old European political and financial powers. You and I and our ancestors were the serfs, laboring away only to have more and more of what we produce taken away from us and handed to vile scum—like the English royal family—you wouldn't leave your baby daughter alone in a room with.

For most of that time, Americans were "free range" serfs, though, left alone for the most part as long as we let ourselves be extorted out of increasing amounts of what was ours. Now, one way or another, that epoch is coming to an end. Thanks to various new elements at work in society—the one that's bringing you these ideas, for example— the parasites who think they own us are beginning to be afraid. And they're making the typical authoritarian mistake of herding the serfs into fewer hamlets and attempting to keep track of each one of them individually.

It worked so well in Vietnam, after all.

Under the high-tech feudalism that they dream of—and which they've code-named "United Nations Agenda 21"—they can finally put an end to all this individual liberty nonsense they've had to pay lip service to all this time, and get on with the serious, and extremely lucrative business of global mercantilism, another name for which is "Fascism".

They will try to shut off free speech as soon as they can. They're spending a billion dollars on a national face-recognition system, and they've ordered over a billion rounds of .40 caliber pistol ammunition to advance the thugocracy they're openly constructing around us. Raise your hand if you think Mitt Romney will cancel one percent of that order.

If those who value individual liberty can somehow preserve the lateral communications revolution that virtually created the general freedom movement as we know it—this should be our highest priority—one way to counteract these moves on the part of the corporatized state is through an overlapping series of general and specific strikes. For example, if physicians and nurses refuse to show up for work, how many rounds of .40 S&W will it take to make them bow to Obomneycare?

Another tactic can be swiped from Chairman Mao, whose "little red book" was once seen everywhere in communist China and on American campuses.

I have written a book specifically about fixing what's wrong with America, called Down With Power: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis. I wrote it for advocates of liberty to use both as a primer for new libertarians and as a manual for veterans. And at my request, my publisher gave it a splendid bright yellow cover so it would be highly visible in a street crowd or a lecture-hall audience. The enemies of freedom are cowards; if they see enough of these books, it won't matter who wins elections or how many rounds of ammunition they have.

L. Neil Smith's "little gold book".

To hell with the election. Victory is ours to win or lose.

Please help me win it.

Down With Power cover L. Neil Smith is the Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, as well as the author of 33 freedom-oriented books, the most recent of which is DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis:
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