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Number 687, September 9, 2012

"The parasites who think they own us are beginning to be afraid"

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"From Five to Eight—Isn't 'Democracy' Great?!"
by Cassandra C. Grissom

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So Nevada delegates "shamed" Nevada? Well, I emphatically disagree! In fact, the only ones who shamed anyone were the mindless drones that call themselves the RNC. How dare any American condemn someone for speaking out against tyranny?! The GOP cheated! They should be put in prison (that is if you believe in modern punishment) personally, I think we should find a tall tree and a short rope, and forever label them as the spineless, statist traitors that they are!

What is wrong with the people of this country? The GOP cheated! Then they continued their farce by chastising and characterizing Ron Paul delegates as disrespectful protestors, or even dangerous lunatics! What is MORE American then standing up to dishonesty, in-justice and defending the rule of law? Hell, I learned that much watching Mighty Mouse and Captain America—I didn't even have to read the Constitution to figure this shit out!

The GOP cheating and then getting away with it proves that voting changes nothing!

My un-educated, state indoctrinated friends and family always said "Vote them out" well, hey, guess what!? We tried that and what happened? They changed the rules! If we try to do things civilly and "legally" and are then cheated out of winning, what is left to do? I must have missed the memo that America's new ideology is; "we screwed you, got away with it, now enjoy it!!??!!??"

I don't think this is exactly the war cry our founders made.

Of course, we can all thank God that our lord and savior Obama is here to save us from the big bad Romney—oh wait did I get those two mixed up? It's so hard to tell the difference between party candidates these days. Statist gun to head party D and Statist gun to your head Party R they both want the same thing, and they aren't asking nicely, but they have tricked the masses into thinking that the decision is critical because the one side wants to violate Women's rights and the other wants to let the Muslims take over New York City or some damn thing (Let them have New York if they want it.)

So dance for them little puppets as the "right" runs your economic future straight into the ground! And dance for them little puppets as the "left" steals all your personal freedoms. As the "right" attempts to control a woman's vagina, and the "left" takes your guns but the "right" and the "left" agree that you need to take off your pants and be sexually violated to get onto a plane- and most importantly- you dance every time you pretend like there is a difference... The difference was Ron Paul and the difference won, and the difference was ignored because the "right" and the "left" don't care about the center. They consider themselves superior to reality... Reality is real, an A is an A and the corruption has almost run its course!

I say thank you to the Nevada Delegates for not being raped, silently! You set a great example of what Americans need to start doing to start the very slow process of removing corruption from this country. Of course, your honorable actions are going to be run through the muck because the media certainly doesn't want to report about what actually happened. Most mainstream media have treated this like a conspiracy theory- but some outlets (the Huffington Post for example) have acknowledged that it isn't a "theory." The facts are irrefutable—the RNC are a bunch of yellow belly cheats that were un-willing to let Ron Paul have his chance to speak. The only thing I can find more dishonorable then a thief is a cheat, but thankfully they will save me the time of figuring out which better describes them because they're both.

Congratulations America! you got Romney, now what are you going to do with him? Considering not a single person I have spoken with can go into any more detail other than, "well at least he's not Obama" I'm more than a little concerned about your strategy. No matter, screw you and your complete lack of logic. If you party "conservatives" don't want Obama so much, why did you cheat to get someone into the nomination that believes in the same big government, anti-American ideology?

Oh wait, I remember now, it's because you are exactly the same thing as your supposed opponent and Ron Paul wasn't and isn't and that's the reason he HAD to go. You are there to make pretend there is a fucking difference between what you right-wing thugs advocate and what your marxist buddies advocate.

So as I see it, we are left with one of three options really; learn our place in their world, continue down the same insane process of voting for the lesser of two evils, hoping to get a different result, or stand up to them. It's do or die America, if we wait much longer there will be nothing left to fight for... or with!

Cassandra C. Grissom is a post objectivist, individualist, Libertarian. She currently lives in Las Vegas NV with her husband and family.

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