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Number 688, September 16, 2012

"The system is full of fail, so bail."

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Letters to the Editor

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Marc Victor for US Senate in Arizona

Do you guys even know that Marc Victor (L) is running against Jeff Flake (R) & Fmr. SurgGen. (D) for US Senate?

The campaign talked to Ms. Howell at LPHQ about it.

Now that W.A.R. is no longer 'in charge' might there be... Never mind :)

I guess we'll just have all the fun to ourselves... again.

In case you need to know why this campaign is going to be the center of the universe for libertarian fun...



[ This just in: ]

Marc Victor on the Jim Sharpe Show

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Dear Editor,

I find the articles and essays [last issue] on the Republican national committee changing rules, opposing the seating of Ron Paul delegates, and claiming that Nevada delegates "shamed" the convention to be confusing.

Were the authors expecting to have the Republican party represent the voters who are registered Republican? Isn't it clear that both major parties represent the vested economic interests that promote war, prisons, and attacks on freedom?

For over two hundred years, Americans have been frustrated by trying to reform the government through voting. Isn't it time to give up on the national government and get on with your life?

Who said you needed to be governed, anyway? Consider that each time you chose for yourself without supervision, anarchism worked. For billions of people, it works time and again, hour after hour, day after day.


Jim Davidson

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Better Off?

Re: "Better Off? Not at All" by Jim Davidson

Since 2009 my insurance has gone up. The price of gasoline has gone up. I've received a grand total of $450.00 a year in raises. Meanwhile I've lost about $4,000.00 in extra hours.

At least I've got a job.

A.X. Perez

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The Nagasaki Vector

Since issue number 657, back in February of this year, TLE has been running an ad for the audio version of Neil's The Nagasaki Vector, at CD Baby, read by Brian Wilson. It says, "I understand that it will soon be available in iTunes, as well." Well, it's available in iTunes, for $9.99. "Released Aug 01, 2011" it says there, but I don't know how long they've had it. The Nagasaki Vector on iTunes

Bill St. Clair

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Gained in Translation

So the other day I was researching Shelta Thari, Got redirected to Shelta. Shelta is the language of the Irish Travellers. Interesting language and history.

Google and Wikipedia, after triple checking their facts, are become my private universities and research centres. From time to time they give us interesting insights.

"Save us from the time of trial," that's how the phrase "Lead us not into temptation" from the the Pater Noster translates back into English after being translated (actually, transliterated ) into Shelta. Visions of "a Wolf year, a sword year," life becoming "short, nasty, and brutish," a time of necessity that know no law. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," become the excuse for doing what didn't really need to be done. A time of being tempted to sin and betray one's own self respect and integrity.

The world being offered us by our political misleaders. Who knew that for the last couple of thousand years Christians have been praying that neither Gov. Romney or President Obama wins the 6 November 2012 Presidential Election? Who knew they were praying for Liberty's success?

A.X. Perez

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Marc Victor on the "Drug War"

The "Drug War" is really a war on people who voluntarily choose to peacefully use drugs. To be free, competent adults must be allowed to decide for themselves what substances they put into their own bodies. Focusing on unhealthy or harmful consequences of drug use is focusing on the wrong question. There is no question but that the use of certain drugs is harmful and unhealthy. Indeed, the use of certain drugs can cause death. Moreover, no person has a right to endanger another person as a result of one's drug use. If a drug user becomes impaired and operates a motor vehicle recklessly resulting in injuries or violence to another person, that person ought to be subject to criminal charges. Rational people do not disagree on these points.

However, criminalizing the peaceful possession or use of drugs by competent adults is not only entirely inconsistent with freedom, but it has been an unrivaled and colossal failure by any measure. Few, if any, would point to any valid goal accomplished by the drug war. Further, there is no end in sight nor will there ever be an end to the drug war. The drug war is alone responsible for turning the land of the free into the land of the incarcerated. No other government effort can be blamed for destroying more civil liberties, causing more violence and incarcerating more peaceful people than the immoral and un-American drug war.

To support the continuation of the drug war is to be an advocate for the illegal drug dealer. Drug dealers love the drug war. They realize their organizations would be out of business immediately if the law allowed for the peaceful purchase and sale of drugs among competent adults. Similarly to the failed war on alcohol called Prohibition, the illegal alcohol dealers, who prospered while it was illegal, went out of business as it became legal. Although we still have problems associated with alcohol use, we do not have violent gangs selling it and we do not fill our prisons with people who drink alcohol.

I have written and spoken extensively about why we should immediately end the drug war. Please see my detailed article about the Drug War by clicking HERE as well as my debate on the drug war with County Attorney Bill Montgomery at Arizona State University HERE.

If you have questions about Arizona's Medical Marijuana Law, Read our FAQ

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