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Number 689, September 23, 2012

"Almost everybody believes that other people's lives,
and the products of those lives, are theirs to take
away and use in any manner that strikes them as desirable."

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They Have to Go (Because They're Arrogant)
by A.X. Perez

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From time to time defenders of Eric Holder and Operation Fast and Furious argue that Gunwalker was a legitimate law enforcement operation that somehow spun out of control. The Inspector General's report indicates that the whole thing was a rogue operation out of Phoenix by the local BATFE office. So I'm going to put on my best wide eyed innocent trusting look and act like I accept this.

Then let us ask one question. All reports indicate from sources as diverse as Diana Wahington Valdez of the El Paso Times and the conservative Katie Pavlich indicate that by March 2010 there was enough evidence to convict anyone subject to American law of gun smuggling. According to Pavlich and apologists for the ATFE the Phoenix Federal Prosecutors refused to prosecute the cases and the fiasco continued. So were ATFE agents rogues or were the Phoenix federal prosecutors the rogues?

It keeps coming up, why? Why didn't the Federal prosecutors do their job in March of 2010? Why didn't Holder admit he knew what was going on in February and promise to clean up the mess then? Why didn't he call Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley in and show them the documents they were asking for in private if he needed to keep secrets from the cartels and gun smugglers? Why did he need to hide this information from Congress?

I try to give Eric Holder and his boss the benefit of the doubt, if only to avoid looking foolish in case they are innocent of any wrongdoing here.Yet they insist on going out of their way to look guilty. It's almost as if they are so arrogant in their power, so sure of their hold on it, that Holder and Obama are boasting that they don't have to answer for how they use and abuse it.

We've had venal politicians and will again. Believe it or not some of them have actually done some good. But when political leaders boast they are above the law, they have to go.

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