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Number 691, October 7, 2012

"The first casualty of war is individuality, as the
lives, liberty, and property of each of us is
consumed in a mindless frenzy of destruction and death."

Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Dear Editor,

My friend John Wayne Smith phoned this morning to let me know that he had been interviewed by a man purporting to be an FBI agent and a man from his local sheriff's office about me. They wanted to know if I'm a dangerous person, and how long John had known me.

About the time I became prominent in the Houston Space Society as secretary of that organisation (then called L5 Houston) in 1987, I received a long letter from a guy in Florida named John Wayne Smith about going to Mars with a few thousand of his closest friends. It was a very impressive document, actually, showing a lot of extensive thought and planning. We were pen pals for years after that, and have met in person a few times.

John insists that I'm not dangerous, which I think is true, in the sense that I believe violent rebellion would be counter-productive, and make it harder for people to form spontaneous cooperation networks such as the mutual aid response teams. Also, I think violence wouldn't work, at all, but be brutally repressed.

The campaign of intimidation and harassment continues. There are not a lot of ways to respond to this sort of behaviour by the government. If they had evidence that I had committed a crime, they would accuse me, and therefore I would have the rights of the accused. But since they aren't accusing me of a crime, what can I do?

Quite simply, I can do what I've done here. I can let people know what I've been told by people like Pamela Cuce and John Wayne Smith who have been interviewed by persons alleging to be with the FBI. I can say what I believe, which is that violent rebellion is a bad idea.

And when they come to take me away, some people will be in touch with you about what happened, I expect. At this time, rumours of my indefinite detention are greatly exaggerated.

It seems that the FBI has ambition to be America's Geheimstadt Polizei, enforcing the political will of the nationalist socialist parties (R&D). I continue to be anti-war, against the war on drugs, and against the prison industries, whether the fascists put me in a cage or not. And Dave Earnest is still a coward.



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