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Number 692, October 14, 2012

"We must end war before it ends us. We
must outlaw conscription, end all taxation,
disarm the state, and arm the people."

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What the Fuck?!

Neil / Ken—

Just now (Saturday, 6 October @ 1:15 AM), I saw the message in my inbox that TLE #691 was up on the web, so I went to check it out.

What did I see when I scrolled down a bit?

A cartoon by Rex May of Romney spanking Obama like a little kid.

I was under the impression that TLE was above this sort of WWE-style cheerleading for the DNC-vs-RNC dance of death that plagues us every two years.

When the (fascist) Democrat fights dirty and cheats, we're supposed to jeer, yet when the (socialist) Republican pulls the same sort of dirty tricks, we're supposed to cheer. Because, we all know, the Republican is the "lesser of two evils" good guy.

Anyone who has been reading TLE and similar media outlets for any length of time has no doubt seen numerous examples of stupidity, evil and insanity instigated by Republicans. But they're the "lesser of two evils" bunch, correct?

For what it's worth, I watched what's been politely called a "debate" and saw the two clowns stammering out their "talking points" while making excuses for their track records and trying to score points on the other with witty one-liners.

Most of these one-liners were the same old, tired bits that we've all heard before from them, courtesy of the lamestream snoozemedia.

Still, I was quite amused that gun-grabber and health-care socializer Slick Willard had the audacity to talk about "free enterprise" and invoke the Declaration of Independence.

This is the same Slick Willard who supported TARP as signed by Bush, supported cap-and-trade for CO2 emissions, supported the GM bailout .... Need I go on?

About Mittens' earlier promises to "repeal and replace Obamacare"— last Wednesday night he revealed exactly what he wants for the "replace" part of the scam—RomneyCare as implemented in 2006 in Massachusetts.

Here's the funny part about this nonsense: he implied that he wants RomneyCare to replace ObamaCare, yet RomneyCare is what Jon Gruber (the MIT economics professor who helped RMonster put together the plan in Boston) pitched to the Obama Administration in 2009 as a template for Obamacare.

Meet the new bullshit, same as the old bullshit.

At first I was thinking that this was a bait-and-switch scam, but it's more like the shell game that con artists play on the street—the ball, which was something like free-market health care, was nowhere to be found under any of the shells.

OK, this is the part where Rex starts behaving as a Romney-roid (think hemorrhoid, minus the rationality and principles) by screaming that I must want Obama re-elected, "If your not with us, your with Obama!!!!" that sort of thing.

Bring it on.

And if this sort of thing continues, then it's probably time for a new front-page cartoonist on TLE. Let Rex peddle his Romney-porn somewhere else.

Mike Blessing
Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should—you or someone else? Freedom is the answer—what's the question?

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Re: "FBI" by Jim Davidson

Dear Editor,

Kevin L. O'Brien wrote:

> Of course, if you and L. Neil Smith are correct about the FBI and the
> government, you two would have been "disappeared" some time ago. The
> fact that you haven't is strong evidence you're not correct.

Actually, it isn't evidence of any sort. It is the absence of evidence, which is not going to prove your case. If Neil or I were disappeared, how would you know? To whom does one report officially disappeared persons?

How many tens of thousands of Americans have already been disappeared, Kevin? You have no idea.

> But then you two probably already know that.

Oh, what a thrill, to imagine sitting around a basement table with Neil conspiring to know things at the same time!

> In reality, considering your anti-government rhetoric, the FBI just want
> to make sure you're not part of a domestic terrorist group.

So, "they're only doing their jobs"? Only ... following orders?

In reality, I am very aware of my words, and I walk right up to the line of legality. I say exactly what I think of the government and their rules, and at the same time I don't break their asinine laws.

> Once they understand you're not, they'll leave you alone.

That's an interesting contention, but they have not. Pamela Cuce was interviewed in April. John Wayne Smith in October. Shaun Anderson in some month in-between, I recently learned. So where is the evidence that these cowards are ever going to leave me alone?

Meanwhile, you have no regard for the chilling effect on my freedom of association and freedom of speech/press to express my views. Of course the FBI wants to intimidate people into not working with me and not talking to me so that I am ostracised by those who fear being in an interview with the FBI. Of course the FBI wants me to silence myself out of fear that the FBI is investigating me. Fuck that noise, by the way, I'll say what I believe needs saying.

> In fact, I confidently
> predict that nothing will ever happen to you, assuming you live by your
> principles.

You could have made that confident prediction in 1934, before the Nazis decided to put a "J" in the passports of Jewish persons, before they began rounding up dissidents, homosexuals, communists, anarchists, Jews, Slavs, Poles, and others. No, I'm not in a concentration camp, but, yes, there was a time when the Geheimstadt Polizei were only "doing their jobs" and only wanted "to make sure..." while terrorising those who understood what their actions really meant, what to expect next.

> That alone should prove you're wrong, but I doubt I'll ever see you
> print a retraction.

So, "ever" is a long time, and things have already happened to me, Kev. I've already been arrested. I've already been put on watch lists. I've already had my freedom to travel compromised by government action. I've already had an article of mine in this publication censored by the US Marshall's service. The domain name has already been threatened by government edict. My business in 1991 to put Americans on the Soviet space station, my business in 2001 to put a free port and a toll road into Somalia, my work with Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus, and my work with e-gold founder Doug Jackson, have all been destroyed by government action.

You make it sound as though I have nothing to fear from government, have never been harmed by the government, and should apologise for ever doubting the goodness of everyone governmental. These facts illustrate that you don't have a living fucking clue who I am. Do you?


Jim Davidson

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Re: "Chewing the Fat" by L. Neil Smith (this issue)

The second year I taught one of my students was taken out of class and hospitalized for anorexia nervosa. That's one over a period of damn near 37 years, and maybe another three I was worried about. I've seen the critter and it's scary, and the woman is still full of crap. I mike in at 225 and only stand 5'6" or so (old age shrinkage) and no one makes me feel bad about my self.

If you want to sign petitions how about signing petitions to make gov't schools more humane and effective until we get rid of the damn things? Or how about getting after people to honestly state the risks and benefits of vaccines, vitamins, Ritalin, and voting for Demicans (or is that Replicrats) instead of flooding the net with already exposed lies by self serving eejits on both sides of these issues?

Given the rate at which the shit is heading for the fan there are arguments for skinny (agility) and fat (supplies stored for hard times). I spend enough time around teenagers. Leave them to solve their own problems instead of using them as pawns to solve ours, says I.

A.X. Perez

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