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Number 693, October 21, 2012

"We are compelled to choose between voting for the lesser
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It's Time to Wake the Fuck Up and Tell Big Brother to Go to HELL!
by Neale Osborn

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San Rafael, California. This city of Big Brothers has now banned the smoking of cigarettes in privately owned homes that are connected to other homes, as in Townhouses, Condominiums, and Duplexes. Smoking in Apartments is also banned.

I don't smoke, and haven't in many years. I happen to hate the smell of cigarettes these days. And I totally oppose this, the latest in a series of un-Constitutional bans on a legal activitiy engaged in on private property. Laws forcing smoke-free restaurants and bars. Laws prohibiting smoking in sporting arenas. Then in rental units. And now, in privately owned property occupied by the owners. ALL of these laws violate individual rights.

If I own a restaurant, it is up to ME what activities I allow on MY property. If my employees don't wish to work in cigarette smoke, and I allow smoking in my establishment, they can work elsewhere. Ditto for my bar. And if my customers hate the smoke, they can go elsewhere. AND if I piss off enough customers that I can't make my bottom line and I have to go out of business, or my employees all quit, and I can't find enough people to keep my doors open, then the free market has worked. I can choose to either change my policies or lose my business. Or perhaps, I'll make a ton of money catering to smokers, and employing smokers. And again, the free market will have decided. It isn't up to the government to decide what MY business policies must be.

It certainly isn't up to the government to decide what I can do in the privacy of my own home. If I want to have a cigarette in my living room, that is MY right. Now, the OWNER of a rental unit may prohibit smoking on their property. And if the owner is the government, (Which it should never be permitted to own, but I digress), it may, I would suppose, ban that activity. But if I own my home, it is my choice what I permit on my property.

When are the people of America going to say "Enough is enough. Government, stay the fuck out of MY business!" We've got Nanny Bloomberg deciding what size beverage we can purchase in New York City. Michelle Obama wan't to control what our kids eat. We've got schools confiscating childrens' lunches if a parent doesn't put the politically correct foods and snacks in the bag. Food nags telling us how much salt we can have on our food. Cities banning trans-fats. All in the name of "It's for the health of the children." Or "It's for your own good." Funny, I never hear people say "Pass this law to help ME keep from (fill in the blank)_____________." Nope. It's always "Pass this law to force my neighbor to do __________ (you know what to do) for their own good."

It is time to stand up for our right to do with our bodies, minds, and property what we want, even if it isn't what others feel is in our best interests. So, go to the nearest do-gooder, telling us what we need to do because they think they know what is in our best interests, and say "I have had enough. I am NOT going to take this anymore!"

It's time to ditch Big Brother. I have!

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