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Known By Your Enemies
by Kent McManigal

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

How do you feel about people who rape women and then murder them? If you are like me you probably don't care much for them, and celebrate when one is killed by his intended victim or a rescuer. Right?

But why do you assume the murderous rapists are bad guys?

Do you think you should become a homicidal rapist for a year so that you can see things from their perspective? Would this change your mind... and should you change your mind? Does anyone actually think this way?

Well, apparently some people "think" this way. On my post about the disgusting religion of "Officer Safety" one brillyunt thinkur had this to say:

"You are obviously clueless about anything but your poor insecure feelings that some Officer must have hurt. I consider you below contempt. Why not go and be an Officer and get back with me after a year of experience. Sometimes one needs to be educated to know how little he knows."

Boo frickin' hoo.

How many times has this been demanded of me? I have lost count. Seriously.

I have to have been abused by a cop before I can be opposed to abuse by cop? A close friend or relative must first be murdered by a cop before I can know that this is wrong? I have to then become an aggressive authority-crazed Taser-jockey before I can have an opinion about their disgusting acts and the harm they cause? I have to become one of them to understand how "wonderful, kind, honest, hardworking, necessary, and misunderstood" they are? I have to have experience in imposing counterfeit "laws" on people for the "official" duly-elected or appointed mafia before I can know it is wrong to punish or kidnap people for doing things that do not violate any other individual in any way? No, I don't.

I can be just as offended by other people being terrorized and murdered. It is called "empathy". And being ethical. It doesn't have to be personal. I can't imagine being one of those who only recognize I have pledged to myself and to my neighbors to not do these things, and to never help LEOs do those things, either.

If this draws fire from some particularly twisted statists, so be it. It is an honor to have certain kinds of people as my enemy.

From Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog at

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