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Number 698, November 25, 2012

Our single nebulous hope resides in a leaderless,
centerless spirit of individual liberty. Each time
it's provoked into raising its head, it startles
and frightens those who think they own us."w3

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Liberty Leading the People

The Spirit of Liberty
by L. Neil Smith

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America's last good year—very likely the last good year for Western Civilization—is drawing to a close. Taking a good, hard look at the events of 2012, and especially at the recent election, I have come to some conclusions regarding what must be done if we expect, as individuals or a society, ever to see another good year again.

First and foremost, once and for all, the Republican Party has to go away. Confronted with perhaps the most historically significant decision in the life of our species, and probably the easiest opposing candidate to defeat, the Elephant Men fumbled abysmally, nominating the ultimate mercantilist Nowhere Man, rather than risk losing the minuscule amount of power over each other they'd managed to cling to through four years of political idolatry, rejecting—and cheating criminally—a unique individual who could have beaten the would-be god-king and at the same time handily repaired what was wrong with the country.

If humanity somehow manages to survive the next century, future historians—doubtless working with quill pens by the light of guttering candles—will see 2012 as the start of the New Dark Ages, and Republicans as the grifters, idiots, and lunatics who brought them on.

My suggestion to them—something they'll be forced to do anyway—is to break into two parties, consisting of the corporatists who insisted on supporting one of their own at the overall expense of their country, and those who supported—and nearly put in the White House—the one decent, sane, and intelligent man left in national politics.

I would make the same recommendation to the other side of the aisle, but there don't seem to be any Donkey Boys of good conscience—the free speech, anti-war liberals of my college days—left. All their inheritors seem to be interested in anymore is free cheese and condoms and the power to destroy the lives of those they disapprove of. They have allowed themselves to be used as a stepping-stone to world hegemony. When it takes form, they'll likely be its first victims.

As to the Libertarian Party, it's through. Even now it might still salvage itself, but it has long since demonstrated that it's unwilling to pay the price. It wasted its one brief shining moment—when a cross-endorsement might have changed the course of history—and now there isn't anything it needs to do in order to shut down and fade away after four decades of raising the hopes of those who yearn to be free, and then dashing them on the rocks of utter banality and the cheapest and shortest-sighted opportunism on record. It's simply over with.

But is America over with it?

Perhaps not quite yet. Our single nebulous hope resides in a leaderless, centerless spirit of individual liberty that animated the Tea Parties in 2009-2010, and the Secession Petition movement of the last few weeks. Each time it's provoked into raising its head, it startles and frightens those who think they own us. It failed to stop Obamacare during the faux-President's first term. It has so far failed to prevent his second inauguration. That doesn't mean it always has to fail.

Over his years in power, I have come to see Barack Hussein Obama, not so much as President of the United States, as the viceroy, the overseer, for a New Collectivist Empire growing out of the ashes of the old Soviet Union. The nest in which those ashes may be found is the United Nations, one target I believe the general freedom movement could take down. The UN is an organization openly on record—along with high-placed members of the Obama Administration—as favoring the mass slaughter of nine tenths of the human race, more than six billion innocent human beings, in order to return the Earth to Mother Nature.

Forget Muslim terrorism, forget the Red Menace or the Yellow Peril. We have been invaded, right enough, quietly, sneakily, by an enemy who looks just like us, but whose thought processes are as foreign, as alien, as those of Martian bacteria. It is time and past time to drive the blue helmets and their murderous schemes out of our country.

Getting America out of the UN, and the UN out of America—our city, county, and state governments, for example, are riddled with UN affiliations that must be hunted down and broken up—is vital to our survival. It will cripple worldwide collectivism. Prosecuting Albert Gore and other ecofascists for fraud will do a lot to help, as well.

I have definite ideas about how to proceed with this campaign, and a number of things I might ask my readers to do to help. But if, as it seems to me, most of them are more interested in sharpening their bayonets and stocking up on canned goods, I won't go to the trouble of writing all that stuff down. I'm too old to fight a shooting war, and too dependent for my life on the products (insulin, for instance) of an energetic and healthy civilization. So I will simply return to my much-neglected novels for as long as that remains possible. The sapient insects that will eventually succeed us may find them mildly enjoyable.

But if we decide otherwise, there are things we must think about. It is absolutely essential, for example, to understand that abortion is the single issue that the enemies of individual liberty count on most to keep the freedom movement divided against itself and at each others' throats. Therefore, for the duration of our struggle against those enemies, we must set abortion aside as an issue, agreeing it will remain legal, but that not one cent of tax money will be spent on it.

Those, nominally on our side, who can't manage that are a part of the problem, and no part of the solution. They are working for the enemy.

The Founding Fathers came to much the same agreement with regard to slavery, understanding that if they tried to settle it there and then, there would never be a United States of America. Afterward, many observers criticized them for that decision and blamed the War Between the States on them, but that war wasn't really about slavery at all— unless you count the slavery of being forced to pay import taxes to the federal government—it was mostly about reversing the American Revolution.

Also for the duration, let us vow to keep our religion in our pants. Even those among America's Founding Fathers who were devoutly religious feared the influence that a powerful religion might have on government and freedom. Conservatives asserting that the Founders didn't really mean for there to be "a wall of separation between church and state" are as slimy and dishonest as Progressives claiming that the Founders couldn't have anticipated semiautomatic weapons, so the Second Amendment protects only flintlocks and muzzle-loading cannon.

The choice is to continue wrangling about those matters as our house is being torn down around us, or to fight those who are tearing it down so that someday we can settle those issues in some peacable manner.

It isn't my choice, it's your choice. You know where to find me.

L. Neil Smith is the Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, as well as the author of 33 freedom-oriented books, the most recent of which is DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis:
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