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Number 699, December 2, 2012

"Can America's slide into the totalitarian
abyss be halted and reversed?"w3

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"Welcome to Camp FEMA"
by a poem by David M. Schmidt

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Welcome to Camp FEMA,
Please excuse the lines.
Here's your ID wristband;
wear it at all times.
Check your things in over there;
don't lose your receipt.
We'll provide all that you need;
(A pillow and a sheet.)

Welcome to Camp FEMA,
Your tent is down that way.
House trailers are coming,
but there's been a slight delay.
Feel free to look around the grounds,
but don't go near the fence.
The guards are there to keep you safe,
but they are a little tense.

Welcome to Camp FEMA,
Sorry about the cold.
But space heaters would be unsafe;
And the trailers? Still on hold.
A blanket? I'm very sorry, no,
Those are in short supply.
These are trying times for all;
you'll just have to get by,

Welcome to Camp FEMA,
You say you're feeling sick?
Sign up to see the clinic nurse
She can see you late next week
Sooner? No, that can't be done.
The staff is overburdened.
"First come first served." Those are the rules.
You'll need to wait your turn.

Welcome to Camp FEMA,
I'm afraid you're very ill
No antibiotics, but we do have lots
of "morning after" pills.
What can you do? I wish I knew
I'm not a nurse, you see.
I'm still only a nurse's aide,
And just started last week.

You're leaving our Camp FEMA?
We're sad to say goodbye.
You know we tried our best to help
everyone survive.
Perhaps if you had shown more faith
In government's good intent
Your body would not have ended up
dumped in this muddy pit.

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