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Number 701, December 16, 2012

"There have been just too many repetitions, too
many elements in common, too many coincidences.
As a consequence, I believe that Americans have
obeyed their last gun law."w3

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A Political Menagerie
by L.Neil Smith

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My mom was used to calling herself a "fallen-away Catholic". Like so many others of that kind, she never got entirely free of it, and carried baggage of guilt and self-hatred with her to the end of her days.

Although I couldn't have been more than four or five years old, I distinctly remember her telling me, at one exasperating point in what must have been my outrageously exasperating childhood, all about the stains.

It appears she was taught, and at some level still believed, that whenever you do something wrong—I don't recall that she actually mentioned the word "sin", but she might as well have; I knew what she meant—it put a stain of an appropriate size and darkness on your soul. She never said a word about undoing them through absolution or forgiveness.

In those days, my sins consisted of an occasional lie to preserve my privacy and freedom, of threatening, out of an exasperation of my own, to smush my younger brother's little button nose in for him, and of steadfastly refusing to ingest potato soup—one night I sat behind a rapidly-cooling bowl of the slop for four solid hours while everyone else finished dinner and went to the living room to listen to the radio.

Radio? That's TV for blind people.

Left alone, I poured the vile substance down the kitchen sink, in the end, squishing the solids through the little holes in the drain. I often wondered how many stains that put on my soul—one for each hole?

Now I almost find myself wishing that my mother's horrible outlook on life—and death—were true. Another thirty-eight individuals have been murdered within the last few weeks, deliberately herded into traps where they were physically unable or illegally forbidden to defend themselves, and I know—just as you do—that those most fundamentally responsible will never be formally accused or face a jury.

Or—do not misread or misquote me, here: entirely under due process of law—lie down and take the lethal injection they deserve. The innocent blood of thousands is on their unspeakably evil hands, as surely as if they had wielded the gun themselves and pulled the trigger.

If you remember nothing else about what I'm about to consider here, remember this: the one and only reason politicians, bureaucrats, and policemen want to take your weapons away from you is so that they can do things to you that they couldn't do if you still had your weapons.

They are mass-murder enablers, massacre-helpers, accessories before the fact, who enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the killers we see conspicuously displayed on TV. These vermin create conditions under which killers are not just free, but actively encouraged to act, and every time somebody dies, the vermins' political fortunes leap ahead. We have gotten into in this mess, in what may be the last days of the Bill of Rights, because we have consistently failed to identify our adversaries accurately and adequately. As usual, we have been too polite.

Take, for example, His Dishonor Michael Bloomberg, a strutting lunatic excrescence—a wart or a tumor—on the body politic, who, as mayor of one of the most dangerous cities in the world to live in, denies his subjects the means to defend themselves, and at the same time dementedly believes he has a right to tell them what they may eat and drink, even if he has to employ police guns and clubs, noxious spray and Tasers, to do it. Be healthy or be dead: every pompous utterance he speaks, every Mussoliniesque pose he strikes, smells of death.

If you remember nothing else I've said here, then remember this: the one and only reason that Michael Bloomberg wants to take your weapons away is so that he can do things to you he couldn't do if you had your weapons.

Then there's former "co-President" Hillary Clinton, who, once her faction within the Democratic half of the Boot On Your Neck party was soundly defeated by a Chicago style of gangsterism even the Clintons could never have imagined or undertaken, sold herself to the victors to become Secretary of State, a position in this administration with so little power she has to busy herself pimping international victim disarmament (and occasional pouty threats to resign) just to keep her monumentally unattractive features in the remaining newspapers and on TV.

Like the Brooklyn Bridge, Hillary is a commodity that can be sold more than once. As Secretary of State, she immediately sold herself to the United Nations, which means to environmental fascism, to the global warming hoax, to Agenda 21—which would cage all humanity like zoo animals—and ultimately to the genocidal wet-dreams of megalomaniacs who would reduce Earth's population by nine tenths of its current total.

Which means that 6.3 billion people have to die.

If you remember nothing else I've said here, remember this: the only reason that Hillary Clinton wants to take your weapons away is so she can do things to you that she couldn't do if you had your weapons.

And Hillary has plenty in mind.

And here we have Charles Schumer, the aging golden boy of the northeastern liberal left. If victim disarmament was a religion (which it largely is), Schumer would be the high priest. Many people on our side are afraid of him because of his rumored I.Q. (bested by many an individual you know on our side) and the fact that he entered college at a remarkably early age.

I say that if the man had any functioning brain cells at all, then much like Rush Limbaugh, who claims to have tied his behind his back, Schumer would be a libertarian. As it is, he prudently occupies a safe Senate seat amidst the soft political pickings of a solidly Democratic New York City (exactly the same reason Hillary moved there to run) and enjoys many of the same close ties with the United Nations that the Secretary of State does. Google is full of speeches and proposals and bills he's sponsored or passed on behalf of these latteray wannabe mass-killers.

Still, I can't help wondering how Schumer's older constituents— some of whom must still have Nazi numbers tattooed on their arms— would feel about his close connections with an organization that wants nine tenths of them to go through the death camp experience all over again.

I guess we'll have to find out, won't we?

And never forget: if you remember nothing else I've said here, remember this: the only reason Charles Schumer wants to take your weapons is so he can do things to you he couldn't do if you had your weapons.

Let's pause a moment to think about Sarah Brady—okay, that's enough. Here's a female who had no public life except for Beltway quilting clubs until her husband accidentally stepped into a bullet meant for Ronald Reagan. I don't know about anybody else—and it's certainly not his fault—but I haven't heard Jim Brady initiate a conversation since then. However his misfortune became his previously invisible wife's career. And instead of taking care of him—while Reagan sucked it up, joked on the way to the hospital, and refused to support an opportunistic attack on the Second Amendment—she became a corporate officer in the sleazy and disreputable victim disarmament trade.

Since then, in the name of her "noble cause", the woman has told more discredited lies than the North Korean edition of Pravda. She has ignored more substantiated truth than the New York Times. She has carted her wheelchair-bound and helpless husband around from stage to stage to stage like an old-fashioned temperance preacher showing off the evil effects of too much Demon Rum. I once got criticized by my loyal readers ("sand-blasted" would be a little more accurate) for referring to poor Jim as brave Sarah's "meat puppet". I stand by that, and say it again: Jim Brady is nothing more than Sarah Brady's meat puppet.

Word was that Sarah was dying from lung cancer. I've recently had two women close to me die of the stuff, and another is hanging on. I guess I wouldn't wish it on anybody else. But in Sarah's case, it's a hard call. When I noticed that Wikipedia has her down as a lung cancer survivor, I freely confess to mixed feelings. She is an active agent of the terror that being adequately armed banishes, an opportunistic, exploitive bitch, and deserves far worse than life has given her so far.

So if you remember nothing else I've said here, remember this and remember it good: the only reason Sarah Brady wants to take your weapons is so she can do things to you she couldn't do if you had your weapons.

I don't know anything about Henry Waxman except that he's against everything I'm for. As a member of the California Assembly, he helped to destroy that state. As the very model of a modern Prohibitionist, he is perhaps the most vicious anti-smoking jihadist in pubic life. I could point out that he's the ugliest person I've ever seen (that may be a part of his motivation) and if the media used better cameras we'd be able to see the underside of his forebrain through nostrils that are like the sluices on the Great Grand Coulee Dam. Medically, I'm aware that his deepest wish is to take care of every one of us—to death.

All in all, if you remember nothing else I've said here, then do remember this: the only reason that Henry Waxman wants to take your weapons is so he can do things to you he couldn't do if you had your weapons.

If Sarah Brady is a vicious opportunistic meat-puppeteer, Carolyn McCarthy is a ghoul, having constructed a political career on the bullet-riddled carcass of an ex-husband who was among the victims of a viciously anti-white assassin on a Long Island Railroad commuter train. When she leaped into Congressional election mode, did she campaign against commuter trains? Did she campign against racists? Did she campain against state laws and railroad policies that keep victims disarmed?


And as you guess, if you remember nothing else I've said here, remember this: the only reason Carolyn McCarthy wants to take your weapons is so she can do things to you she couldn't do if you had your weapons.

I have never had a clear idea what Diana DeGette wants, thinks, or believes. Maybe nothing—her mind is like a bowl of Jell-O, without the bowl. Her Congressional district is one of the most violent in Denver; still she wants her constituents kept disarmed and helpless. Maybe she's just terminally angry because she woke up one morning and realized she'll never look like Scarlett Johansson. Or she's resentful because old Carolyn MCCarthy got to be the gun control princess first.

But if you remember nothing else I've said here, remember this: the only reason "progressive" Diana DeGetet wants to take your weapons is so she can do things to you she couldn't do if you had your weapons.

The Denver newspaper (only one left, and sinking fast) claims— in 2-inch headlines—that John Hickenlooper has reversed himself on guns. Yet his position has never been a mystery to anyone who pays attention.

John Hickenlooper? Who the hell is John Hickenlooper?

Well to begin with, he ran restaurants and bars in the gentrified 20th and Blake Street area around Coors Field. Having no doubt learned where a great many bodies were buried in a putrescently corrupt Denver political scene that appears to revolve around an ever-changing cluster of whorehouses patronized by the city's social and political elite, he decided to jump in and, with his fake but quirky style, succeeded.

Now, replacing a guy who wouldn't run again because too much was known about his personal life, Hickenlooper pretends that he's the goofy scooter-riding Howdy Doody governor of Flyover Land, the moral equivalent of California's Jerry Brown, only sillier. In truth, the man is a grim totalitarian idealogue who, before a live audience, once glowingly introduced Van Jones, one of Barack Obama's many thuggish factotums, flunkies, butt-boys, henchmen, and stooges as a "rock star". Yet when it came out later exactly who and what Jones is—a self-proclaimed communist—suddenly Hickenlooper never heard of the guy.

It's widely believed that Hickenlooper wants to replace Obama, with whom he's thick as the thieves they are. His predecessor used the most spurious of legal excuses to keep Denver gunless, an incompetent or corrupt state Supreme Court backed him up, and Hickenlooper stayed pat with that until the murders in Connecticiut gave him a political opening.

So if you remember nothing else I've said here, remember this: the only reason that next-President John Hickenlooper wants to take your weapons is so he can do things to you he couldn't do if you had your weapons.

But he'll do it with an insane titter and offer you a ride on his scooter.

The trouble with all their plans is this: more and more Americans understand perfectly that, as with Columbine High School, and every other event like it, there were not too many guns on the premises, but too few. Some are even beginning to believe that these events may have been contrived for political purposes. Many have seen The Manchurian Candidate or The Parallax View. There have been just too many repetitions, too many elements in common, too many coincidences. As a consequence, I believe that Americans have obeyed their last gun law.

The message—not a threat, just a description—to politicians is this: strive too hard to strip Americans of their rights, try to take their guns or shut off their Internet, and you'll find that their patience has been long but is at an end. The discovery of corruption is resculpting political life in Colorado and everywhere else. Your constituents know that you have your own little secrets. Give them sufficient motivation, and they will find them out and make them public.

Are you ready for that?

L. Neil Smith is the Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, as well as the author of 33 freedom-oriented books, the most recent of which is DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis:
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