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Number 701, December 16, 2012

"There have been just too many repetitions, too
many elements in common, too many coincidences.
As a consequence, I believe that Americans have
obeyed their last gun law."w3

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this guy

Today, I was "This Guy"
by Kent McManigal

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

No, I am no August Landmesser. I did follow my conscience, though.

It may not have been exactly a Nazi rally, and I probably wasn't in any real danger, but if you won't stand up (or remain seated) for what's right when it is easy, how do you expect to stand up for what's right when it is hard?

You have read of my difficulties since my daughter chose to enroll in the government school. Today her kindergarten class had a Christmas concert (complete with State-sponsored Christianity). I was shocked, although I probably shouldn't have been, when they began the program with a Nazi ritual: the Pledge of Allegiance.

I did not stand or chant with the crowd, and may have been the only to not do so. I try very hard to avoid places and situations where this ritual will be followed- sometimes despite my best efforts I find myself in the middle of it. I have not participated in years.

Yes, I felt self-conscious, but that's better than feeling like a Nazi. I was also a little afraid of some "good ol' boy" wanting to make an example of me. I'm glad nothing happened.

Don't pledge? Hand hecklers a card

Yesterday's Pledge of Allegiance problem, and an exchange with L. Neil Smith, resulted in this project:


How about a business card that you can hand to anyone who objects to your act of self-ownership?

I made them in PDF form, and for Avery template 8371 and I'll email the files to anyone who requests them. Later, I may add them to one of my websites for downloading, but I'll wait and see what people think.

As I do with most of my work, I offer this for free. Feel free to tip me for my work if you feel so inclined, because, as always, I could really use the money, but it is not necessary to do so if you'd like the files. Really.

Reprinted from Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog [here] and [here]

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