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Number 701, December 16, 2012

"There have been just too many repetitions, too
many elements in common, too many coincidences.
As a consequence, I believe that Americans have
obeyed their last gun law."w3

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Connecticut Conspiracy?
by Neale Osborn

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I know it makes one think of tinfoil hats (mine looks like a Stetson), but I see conspiracies in the mass of mass shootings. We've got Aurora, Oregon, and Connecticut, to name a few, just in the last few months.

Now, I doubt all of these shootings are part of a vast conspiracy of people conversing on the internet, planning these events as part of their plot to take down western civilization. But (and it's a BIG but), I have a hard time considering all these shootings as coincidental, either. Is there a shadowy group (let's call them Obamites) using a combination of drugs, subliminal conditioning, and whatever other methods one or more of the 3-letter federal organizations (or 4-letter) might have come up with to nudge borderline personalities into a snap? "Why?", I hear you ask. To advance their agenda of a voluntary country-wide gun banning. The blood hasn't clotted, the bodies aren't even all identified, and you hear people break the so-called "Assault Weapons" ban out, and claim it would somehow have prevented the disaster-du-jour.

Obviously, those of us with a brain know that A) the only people who will turn them in will be the most law-abiding types and B) the quickest response to a shooter is armed people on the site, armed civillians with a concealed handgun being the best.

PLEASE do not take the following as support of CCW licenses or gun-free victim destruction zones, Buuuuuttttt....

Connecticut, despite being a "May Issue" rather than a "Must Issue" or "Shall Issue" state, is fairly easy to get a permit to carry concealed. It is also one of the rare states where carrying concealed on private OR public school property is permitted (albeit only with school board permission). This makes me wonder about a few things. Were any staff CCW holders? Had any asked for that permission? Was said permission denied? Are any CCW holding teachers or office staff going to ask for that permission in light of these tragic shootings? If they do, will they be granted that permission? Will parents demand that staff be granted said permission, or demand it be withheld?

I home school. My kids are not taught by gun-fearing totalitarians. The only skin I have in this game is defending my rights. But I wonder....

Reverend William T. Cummings, who served on Bataan in WWII, famously said "There are no atheists in foxholes." never having been in a foxhole, I can't say if I would find God under those circumstances. I am not a believer. But I wonder how many if those teachers and staff in Connecticut were anti-gun. And if they WERE anti-gun, did that opposition remain during the shooting? I doubt the opposition would disappear totally overnight. But, while that brave woman was hiding kids in closets and under sinks, did she wish she had a gun while she lied to the shooter, and died protecting her students? Was there an avid gun-banner, praying for a weapon to use to defend some children?

I don't understand people who ban guns. I truly cannot understand the mentality of people who wish to disarm law abiding citizens, who are the only ones who will obey the law in the first place. No matter how the government may try, you will never get all the guns from criminals. Hell, they'll never get them all from otherwise law abiding citizens. But criminals can always get guns. If nothing else, any semi-competent machinist can make a functional firearm. So for me, since gun control laws only disarm the good guys, I see the best way to save lives is training. I would cheerfully pay a tax (yes, you heard me, Mr. Anti-Tax say that!) that would buy a weapon for and training of any and all teachers who request it. But I will, conversely, oppose any and all laws aimed at disarming America's law abiding citizens. It just enables criminals, and does not help the citizen.

So, the new quote is "There are no gun-control advocates at the scene of a mass shooting." Neale Osborn, 12-15-2016

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