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Number 706, January 20, 2013

Democrats, it's time you cleaned your house, time you
purged yourselves of the desire to control others.

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Re: "The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama Part 1" by Terence James Mason

Mr. Mason,

Something to consider. If Obama is not a citizen then both elections were fraud and since fraud vitiates everything we don't need to impeach him; he was never President. If he was never President then nothing he did while occupying the office is valid. No laws were passed, no offices filled, no judges appointed, etc.

D. E. Majewski

To which T. J. Mason replied:

Dear Mr. Majewski,

Emotionally, I agree with you.

Practically, he—and his caucas—show utter contempt for the rule of law. He is not going to walk out on his own, and the only mechanism Congress can muster to get him out of office is the impeachment route. And I don't see it happening even if someone unearthed physical evidence of his birth in Kenya or Indonesian citizenship at the time of his college, not with the current mix of parties in Congress.

I hope and pray that enough Democrats in Congress—supplied with backbones by the NRA, GOA, and 100 million irate gun owners—will act to impeach over any attempted executive control of gun ownership. We may even know by the weekend.

(Even if impeachment leads to removal of office, I don't see Obama leaving quietlly or voluntarily; I think he'll have to be removed under arrest.)


T. J. Mason

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Re: The Forward Observer "Stop the Gun Grab before it Starts"

Libertarians and pro gun men and women must run for sheriff in every county in the country.

Once elected they should deputize every adult gun owner in their respective counties.

With millions of law enforcement officers across the land the feds will have a difficult time enforcing any gun confiscation when they are facing arrest.

This is one election we can win! Let's make the most of this crisis!

As the minute men said, "to arms..."

Vote for me and they can never take your gun.

Bill Koehler
Albuquerque, NM

[ This is in reference to a posting about a sheriff who promised to deputize everybody, so everybody could have a gun. Of course, this has the assumption that only so-called "law enforcement" people should have guns. Piss on that, they aren't some sort of special class of people, no matter what they think!—Editor ]

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Re: "Inspiration" by Neale Osborn

Neale has it right. The only response needed to the "2nd Amendment only protects muskets" argument is "the First only protects quill pens".

Some years ago in Oregon, one of the gun banners floated this same argument with the state's 1859 Constitution, trying to make some hay with it; but it went nowhere fast. Not even the statist media bothered to pick it up, presumably because it was so patently stupid.

Talk about deja vu, seeing this argument now being used at the federal level. And it is an indictment of our current level of political discourse, that it is actually gaining some traction.

Well, actually, there is one more possible response to such idiotic arguments. "Molon Labe!"

Paul Bonneau

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Background check

Quoting what I posted earlier on Oleg Volk's blog:

One of the proposals that keeps coming back is the "universal background check". It's always described as a minor change, "closing a loophole".

It is in fact not minor at all. Here is why—an argument I haven't seen before.

Right now, there is no national registry of gun owners. If someone comes to your door saying "hand over your guns" you can with a straight face say "I have no guns". When told you bought one a year ago at Joe Blow's gun store, you can answer "sure, but I sold that one last month. I checked the guy's ID, he was a state resident. I don't remember his name."

Now put in place the universal background check. All of a sudden the bad guys have the gun owner registry they always wanted. For any gun transferred after the new rule went in effect they know who owns it.

We all know we have to stop an owner registry because that's the final step before confiscation, and we know that confiscation is the actual goal. The bad guys even admit it is. So we have to stop the universal background check because it is actually the owner registry in sheep's clothing.

Paul Koning

[ How about a criminal background check before anybody can run for office!—Editor ]

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