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Number 706, January 20, 2013

Democrats, it's time you cleaned your house, time you
purged yourselves of the desire to control others.

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An Open Letter to my Democratic Friends
by L. Neil Smith

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The family of an old friend of mine once tried raising geese to supplement the income of their farm. They soon discovered that geese seem to have a few parts missing in the brains department, including the proverbial sense to come in out of the rain. Water mysteriously falls on their heads and instead of making for shelter, they look up, open-mouthed, to see where it's coming from. Before you know it, you have a waterlogged acre of feathered half-wits drowning where they stand.

I've always thought it fitting that the city government of my home town has chosen the goose as its logo—as its animal totem,if you will.

You Democrats are a lot like geese. It's as if you were standing on the railroad tracks wondering about that pretty bright light that's getting closer and closer. Then, once the messy inevitable occurs, all you other geese, having failed to learn anything from what's just happened, go on about your goosey business until the next train comes along.

Now I suppose I need to interrupt myself here to insert a sort of disclaimer. I recently learned that some folks think that I tend to be rougher on Democrats in these little literary exercises than I am on Republicans.

That simply isn't true, as anybody who reads what I write on a regular basis will attest. I reserve my sharpest knives and my purest vitriol for Republicans, in part, because they often claim to be the party of liberty, which they decidedly are not, and in part because they are the happy ideological home to so much that is unspeakably evil.

My readers can also tell you that I'm very hard on the Libertarian Party, not simply because, over the past forty years, they have failed abjectly—for reasons that are obvious to anyone with slightly more intelligence than a goose—to achieve their stated objectives, but because they appear to have forgotten altogether what those objectives were.

But this is not about Republicans or Libertarians. This time it's about you Democrat types, what's wrong with you, and what—short of making you all stand out in the rain with your heads up and your mouths wide open—can be done about it. I have a time-tested course of treatment in mind, but I seriously doubt that any of you are up to it.

Don't get me wrong, here. I've known Democrats I've liked and even admired. Two of my college history professors were old-time classical liberals, genuinely interested in whether we got the stuff, and in whether the stuff was true. I met the great Eugene McCarthy twice and had a longish chat with him on one occasion. Most of my professional colleagues are Democrats, and one or two of them are good company. I admired the way that George McGovern regretted advancing managerial statism.

One of them introduced me to the works of Gabiel Kolko, which eventually helped cure me of corporatism. The other, attempting to wean me off of the academically unrespectable Ayn Rand, by offering alternatives he believed were more worthy of respect, inadvertently demonstrated to me what a consummate waste of skin William F. Buckley was.

The problem with you Democrats—and it's a mindset that I'm not certain is curable—is that even the best of you clearly suffer from the delusion that other people's lives are yours to do with as you wish.

Neither do you seem able to calculate the long range consequences of the policies that you forcibly impose on unwilling others under your thumbs. Your welfare state establishment has all but destroyed black American culture, substituting one that is ludicrous and phony, instead.

Your half-baked attempts to control the lives of others have turned the centers of American cities into theme-parks of horror and death so violently crime-ridden that their statistics completely swamp out the rest of the country, which is peaceful and productive to a degree that is utterly unprecedented in history, anywhere in the world.

The Republican lie that theirs is the party of freedom is abusive enough. It is overwhelmed to insignificance by your lie that yours is the party of peace. With one exception (George Bush's ugly war of torture and graft that Barack Obama happily presides over now), every American war fought in the 20th century was started by a Democratic administration.

Now you find your party taken over by something malign, something so alien in outlook you can barely comprehend it. Call them Marxists, if you have the courage. Call them jihadists, because that is where they draw strength. Call them the spiritual descendents of Al Capone. Call them what you will (personally, I think of them as Obamunists), they are extortionists who delight in torturing and killing people to get what they want, singly or by the thousands. And every injury, every death, every loss of home and hope, is your responsibility. You may not be aware of it—maybe you are—but this administration, your administration has brought America to the very brink of civil war.

Democrats, it's time you cleaned your house, time you purged yourselves of the desire to control others. It is you Democrats who must lead the movement to impeach this snide, sneering, sarcastic crook who despises the Constitution and the Bill of Rights he swore— falsely—to uphold and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

It's time.

L. Neil Smith is the Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, as well as the author of 33 freedom-oriented books, the most recent of which is DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis:
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