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Number 706, January 20, 2013

Democrats, it's time you cleaned your house, time you
purged yourselves of the desire to control others.

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Statistical Truths About Crime
by A.X Perez

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Using the FBI's own statistics:

Murders with firearms declined from 10,225 in 2006 to 8,775 in 2010. This is not a fluke and represents a steady decline every year. Call it a drop of not quite 13% in five years.

The justifiable homicide rate with firearms has risen in 2006 to 2010 from 192 to 232. Call it an increase of about 15%, not quite 16%. again this represents a steady trend, not a fluke (example of a fluke, 2007 was the "Year of the Bad Ass" in which 10 justifiable homicides were carried out with fist and feet. in '09 it was 8. Usual average is 3.).

Murder with firearms is steadily declining, in other words, we are solving the problem of gun violence without any new gun laws or the Draconian war on the Constitution the Administration is pushing. Meanwhile there is an increase in people using firearms in self defense. These people would be robbed, raped, injured, and or murdered if they were unarmed. They would be the victims of gun laws.

I am tired of people on both sides of the debate speaking with their emotions and opinions and no facts. Body counts are not opinions, they are facts. and the facts are the murder rate is going down, and that the murder rate with guns is going down, the justifiable homicide rate is going up, and exactly by the number of justifiable homicides carried out with firearms. Given the number of firearms in the black market few lives would be saved with new laws restricting firearms to civilians. However, since honest people get their guns legally (for now) more people would be robbed, beaten, raped, crippled and/or murdered.

Don't take my word for this, Google: FBI—Expanded Homicide Data to check my facts and draw your own conclusions. Then use them to educate those who are unsure of why gun control is wrong and that tossing the Constitution in a panic is a huge mistake.

You will also discover the following site:

FBI: 77% Of JUSTIFIABLE Homicides Involved Firearms; 99% For ... for the 2011 justifiable homicide count Which continues the described trend. If you check this next site you can see the gun murder rate for 2011 and surprise, surprise, the 2006 to 2010 continues. Gun crime statistics by US state: latest data - The Guardian

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