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Number 710, March 3, 2013

"The bottom line is that Western Individualism
is under attack from all sides philosophically,
and that this is likely a precursor to an
effort to defeat it by force."

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"It's Time to Choose a Side (This Will Offend You)"

Well worth reading.

Jim Woosley

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What it Means

So the Government had to cut $85,000,000,000 in spending? Ever thought what that means?

It means the first step towards:

Cutting Federal funds to militarizing local police forces. No more SWAT teams called out to serve warrants for anything more serious than J-walking. No more threatening cities with funding cuts just for wanting to debate the wisdom of continuing the war on drugs. You can't cut what's gone.

Colleges not having the luxury of ever increasing tuition covered by Federal loan guarantees and grants. It means not being able to blackmail schools into toeing the central government's line with threats of funding cuts.

Local school districts being forced to find inexpensive solutions that really work at meeting people's educational needs as their Federal money dries up. Schools not getting extra money for diagnosing any student who likes to daydream as having ADD, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorders.

The Feds not having the carrot and stick of Federal grants in aid to get the states to toe the line, both where the Feds are actually right and where they are imposing on the rights of others.

Please, can we have another round of sequestrations?

A.X. Perez

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Molan Labe, the movie


Demand Progress Letter to ISPs

Dear Family and Friends,

You know I don't do this very often, but I received an appeal today from an outfit called Demand Progress which has been fighting for Internet freedom for some while. It appears that all of the major ISPs are colluding to limit access to the Internet of opinions they disapprove of.

DP provides a stock letter you can send to these corporate bucketheads, but it can be deleted and your own ideas inserted, which is what I did. I urge you very strongly to go to the URL below and provide some form of protest to this unacceptable betrayal by the Internet corporations.

The URL is []

Here is what I wrote:

As the award-winning author of over 30 books, the publisher of an opinion journal that's been online for 17 years, and a close student of history and human nature, I understand what you may not: that the Age of Authority is over. The whole point of the Internet is sharing ideas laterally, not taking orders passed down vertically.

You are placing yourselves on the wrong side of that historical change, which guarantees that you and your corporations will soon be as extinct as wooly mammoths.

Now is the time to abandon all your excuses and change sides in this monumental evolutionary struggle, because in the end, this new idea of lateral communication cannot be killed. It can't even be slowed down significantly.

Letter ends.


L. Neil Smith

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