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Number 712, March 17, 2013

"Sure, guns are dangerous. Like books."

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Neale's New Weekly Gun Rant
by Neale Osborn

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I have decided to end the week letting my mind wander over the various news-bits from the Victim Disarmament media, politicians and their latest shenanigans, and anything else gun related I think of. This first one will go whither I wish. Future additions may evolve. Or not.

First on the agenda is the depressing state of affairs in my formerly favorite state, Colorado. When I moved there in 1989, I was thrilled to discover the (mostly) Constitutional gun laws in place there. While CCWs were required to carry concealed, nothing was necessary to carry openly. You could buy handguns or rifles at a garage sale, which I did many times. When a mall security guard foolishly attempted to forcibly take my gun while waiting for a store to open, there were no repercussions for drawing on the man and forcing HIM to leave me alone. I met one of the most interesting and educational people of my life by simply picking up the phone book. He is the first person on nearly every mailing I put out, L. Neil Smith. Can't forget to mention his wife and daughter. Cathy and Rylla. Two of the sweetest women I know. But I digress. In 1995, I foolishly moved back east, to be closer to my parents. But I held forth the dream of someday returning to my philosophical roots. Imagine my disgust when I learned the Californicators had succeeded in destroying my sanctuary. Although Colorado's sheriffs are vowing overwhelmingly to refuse to enforce any further violations of the Constitution's guarantees of firearms rights, Colorado's Democrat controlled legislature is moving briskly ahead, at the behest of Joe The Idiot Biden, and pushing for bans on many types of firearms and limiting magazine sizes. GRRRRRR.

This week, Ted Cruz was confronting California's Constitution-hating Diane Feinstein over her assault on our right to keep and bear arms. Like him or not, I loved the way he stuck it to her. It took her forever to answer some of his questions, but she finally admitted that she would not tolerate the same type of restrictions she advocated for guns being placed, for instance, on certain books. Admitting her hypocrisy is not going to stop the witch of the west. Despite getting a CCW of her own to protect herself and her family during a time of threats, she persists in attacking OUR right to keep and bear arms in self defense every day. By her own admission in 1995, on 60 Minutes she uttered the following: "If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up everyone of them (every gun) Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in. I would have done it." I'm proud of Ted, even if he is a Republican.

In this crappy state where I currently reside, our useless mafia don, Andrew Cuomo, has shoved an ugly-gun ban down our throats, a ban on ALL magazines with a capacity over 7 rounds, and an order to register any currently owned ugly guns (what they falsely refer to as "assault rifles"). This has led to a run on ammo, to the point where even the mom&pop gun shops are limiting ammo purchases to conserve supplies. I know one shop that had 17 guns on the banned list on the shelves when the ban went in to effect. He now has to advertise out of state for buyers, being denied the right to sell them to any NY resident. So he has to either sell them to dealers in other states (at a loss, I might add) or hope out of state buyers come to buy them, and he sends them to their local gun shop for pick-up.

Speaking of New York, Nanny Bloomberg got his ass spanked by a judge on his un-Constitutional interference in free enterprise. his ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces in restaurants got overturned this week. Now, Judge, how about slapping Don Cuomo's violation of the Constitution down just as far?

BTW, if you want a deal on Glock, Beretta,, Sig, or other "high capacity" handguns, NY is the place to shop- since they don't make 7 round mags for these weapons, there is a glut on the market of these for sale these days. And 1911s are hard as hell to come by.

Well, that's enough for this inaugural issue of Neale's Rant on Guns. See ya next week for more!

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