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Number 713, March 24, 2013

"Nobel Peace Laureate with a Kill List"

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Separating Medicine and State
by L. Neil Smith

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Readers have occasionally complained that my columns are too conversational, too personal, or too intimate. That's okay with me. I'm a novelist by persuasion, and, as such, my interest, above all, is in individual character—more so, it seems, with every year that passes.

In this instance—the politics of what's generally referred to as "healthcare" (for many reasons, I don't care for that expression, myself)—that may be a good thing. In many ways, there is nothing more intimate, more personal, and, one hopes, more conversational than one's relationship with one's "primary healthcare provider", another politically charged catchphrase that tends to trigger my reflex to vomit.

Historically, people have told their doctors things they wouldn't tell anybody else, including their co-workers, their bartenders, and especially their spouses, intensely private, potentially embarrassing things that may well bear on their continued health, well-being, and existence.

Exactly how likely are people like that to tell the same things to some faceless factotum whom they've never seen before this particular office visit (for which they will likely have waited for months), and whom they will likely never see again, especially if they are aware that their every word and gesture, their every twitch and tremor— their every habit and habituation—will be recorded, taken down and used against them in a kangaroo court of what passes for law these days?

This has nothing to do with health or healing.

It's the ultimate surveillance system.

Never forget that we now suffer under a regime where it's a crime to remove prescription medicine from the container it was issued in and put it in another, more convenient container. A regime in which— if the medical martinets become aware of it—your ownership of firearms will be noted in your "permanent record" as a mental health problem (exactly as they are by some of your kids' school shrinks). A regime in which your political resistance to medical Marxism (by reading this article, for example) is considered a symptom—by the Department of Homeland Security—that you're potentially a domestic terrorist.

Even under the best of circumstances, more individuals die of iatrogenic—doctor-caused—injuries and diseases every year than from anything that comes from the barrel of a gun except politics. But there are many more rational, intelligent reasons to resist medical Marxism. The kind of rationing Sarah Palin was mocked for predicting is already at work. Death panels have decreed that, after a stay in the hospital, if your problem flares up again, you will be denied reentry. They figure to save about nine hundred million dollars every year.

Or is it nine hundred billion?

And they don't have to pay for the funerals.

Jackboot Janet II and all of her orcs and goblins notwithstanding, I could write a hundred thousand words right here on the inefficacy and incompetence of "healing", as dispensed by the minions of an entity that is capable only of "breaking things and killing people". I grew up within the military; I know firsthand what socialized medicine is really all about, having suffered more than once at its clumsy hands and seen many others suffer, as well. The horror stories that issue from the bowels of Veterans' Administration Hospitals (today's equivalent of the Bastille or Chateau d'If) would terrify even Stephen King.

We already know that the claims of socialists who call themselves "progressives", that their brand of snake-oil will bring medical costs down, is a blatant, bald-faced lie. They are the ones, after all, who taught us all to think in fourteen figures. Under their "system", those who can't or won't work for a living will continue getting attention for free, simply by demanding it, exactly as they have for two or three generations so far. The extremely wealthy will jet off to Switzerland or somewhere to get their own owies stitched up. And the Productive Class will be handed the bill, not only their own (which is bad enough at government prices) but those of the Freeloader Class, as well.

This is no longer to be borne.

Like practically everybody else, my family and I have investigated various incarnations of "alternative medicine". My ex-wife's family were friends and followers of Adelle Davis, and we pursued many of the practices she advised. One of them almost certainly saved my life. (Before dismissing the great healer's often controversial work, think of the things the establishment said about Ron Paul.) But either the alternatives don't work, or government is finding ways to shut them down.

It ain't brain science. It ain't rocket surgery. Your interests and government's are absolutely perfectly opposed. Anybody who thinks the State has any but a negative attitude toward seeing you live longer, raise your dunce cap. It's exactly the same deal as hospital readmission. The very last thing they want to see you do is collecting Social Security checks for more than two point seven (or whatever) years.

Even more, they don't want anybody around harboring what they view as "antiquated" political and social values (all you have to do, if you can stomach it, is listen to Jackboot Janet II; she'll tell you what they're most afraid of: individuals who honor the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or as Jeff Cooper put it, aspire to "To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth") messing up the wrecking job that government education is doing to the minds of our kids and grandkids. As former Colorado governor Dick Lamm put it in a careless moment, our job now is to die and get out of the way, presumably of the New World Order.

Above all, our country, and much of the world, has been taken over by those who—because they are evil, stupid, or insane—believe there are too many human beings for this planet's "carrying capacity" and something must be done about it. The United Nations states that some nine tenths of us—about 6.3 billion—have to be disposed of. Here's a video of one of the foremost Holocaust II advocates, Ted Turner, being confronted by the New Media, and shielded by goons and thugs.

[link to]

Government "healthcare" will help Turner to achieve his goals.

Interestingly, the one point that's being left out by both sides of this issue, is the one point, forgotten by most Americans, that is absolutely central to me: I don't want it. I don't want it. At the risk of repeating myself, I don't want it. Anybody here still think I want it? Think again. This is America, supposedly the Land of the Free, and I don't even have to say why I don't want it. That's nobody's business. Ultimately, that reason, all by itself, should be sufficient:







And since medical Marxism is being forced upon me, by exactly the same kind of heavily-armed do-gooders that young Americans fought, for better or worse, in both Korea and Vietnam, the same kindly, splendid humanitarians that our fathers and our grandfathers fought in Europe and the Pacific, I will fight it myself, every day, in every way I can.

For many reasons (I'll bet you can think of a few, yourself), I have come to believe that the best "alternative medicine" our unique civilization could institute and practice is to adopt a Constitutional amendment mandating total separation of "healthcare" and government, the same wall Thomas Jefferson said (famously or infamously, depending on who you listen to) he wanted to see erected between church and state.

Separation of medicine and state.

Remember that phrase.

Separation of medicine and state.

Ask the political candidates about it (you'll be disappointed).

Separation of medicine and state.

It says here that about half our doctors are expected to quit once the medical Marxists have taken over completely. No worry, they'll be replaced—by police state butchers. I have a good doctor, a doctor I like, and perhaps you do, as well. If you do, get this article, this prescription, to him or her immediately—consider it a medical emergency.

What we all need is to begin fighting back, and the only way that can start, I regret to say, is with a physicians' strike for medical freedom.

A strike for separation of medicine and state.

Pass it on.

* An earlier version of this column originally appeared in Freedom's Phoenix Online E-zine

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