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Number 715, April 7, 2013

The interests of individuals and groups with massive mounts
of money and power are not merely divergent from the interests
of the rest of us, they run in completely opposite directions.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant, Volume 4
by Neale Osborn

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

It's nice to see a la-who za-her finally getting back into the limelight. Jim Carrey, the formerly funny man, has decided that somehow, his former fame grants his opinions on victim disarmament more relevance, and must therefore be aired without anyone saying anything derogatory about those opinions. What he has actually done, with a pathetic rant on "Funny or Die", is that in addition to showing he doesn't know what the Constitution is about, he proves he is no longer funny. Then, to make matters worse for himself, he attacked FOX news for pointing out his stupidity (and taking a pot shot at his former fame). The pathetic has-been, most recently seen on film as a Chris Angel/David Blaine magician (and doing a bad job of it, I might add) might just want to shut his mouth on politics, work on his flexibility, and try to get a role doing what he used to do best—physical humor. Besides, Canadians have no say in American politics.

Mexican Vigilantes are sick of Mexican police working hand in hand with criminals. As is common with the narcotraficantes, police in a Mexican town apparently decided "If you can't arrest'em, work for'em"! Vigilantes took over the town, arrested the police, and apparently searched homes for evidence of wrongdoing on the polices' part. Some claim the vigilantes are the criminals, some claim it's the police who are guilty. I wonder where THIS will wind up?

Dateline: Nelson, Georgia—Following on the footsteps of Atlanta suburb Kennesaw, The small city of Nelson, Georgia has passed, 5-0, an ordinance requiring the head of each household to obtain a gun and ammunition. They exempt felons and the mentally ill, and allow anyone to opt out. There are no penalties for failing to comply. One of the reasons for doing this is, apparently, as a hedge against federal confiscation. If you are required by law to own a gun and ammo, they cannot then confiscate them. Again, I do not support forcing anyone to excercise their rights, 2nd Amendment or otherwise. But I like the idea of making it a good idea. "The law requires the head of every household to own a gun and ammo to "provide for the emergency management of the city" and "provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants." That would almost fit one of the definitions of a "well regulated militia". All they need to add would be monthly training days in the town square (or the local shooting range). Personally, I favor the irregular half of the entire militia definition of 1792. Go HERE to read the entire 2nd Amendment and the definitions of the terms in the language of the day.

Well, Connecticut done went and did it! They passed a "comprehensive new gun control law", designed specifically to violate the Constitution's 2nd Amendment in as many ways as possible. Again, knee-jerk sentimentality trumps intelligent thought. Somehow, making a murderer (who probably will not obey magazine size limits anyway) take an extra 1-2 seconds to switch out a magazine would have saved lives. Yeah, right!

On a lighter note, Larry Thomas, known as the "Soup Nazi" during the heyday of that pathetic show "Seinfeld", is feeling put upon. And, while I despised the show AND the character, I'm kinda on his side. Serbu Firearms has put his face on a shirt, proclaiming "No Serbu For You". You see, they didn't ask him permission to use his likeness. So I can support him on that. But his reason? "I have seen my face on T-shirts, random objects on eBay in the past," he said, "but politically this is the most offensive thing I have seen involving me as the Soup Nazi. ... I am an advocate of gun control." So, it's no surprise that a man touting himself as a "Soup Nazi" espouses the Nazi ideal of a disarmed society. Thus, while I support his right to not have his face used for commercial purposes, well, I like the whole concept. Though the slogan SHOULD say "No Serbu For You, New York".

Now, Washington begins the process of assuming total control of law enforcement, nationwide. They have started with Colorado, supporting Hickenpooper, the Democrat asswipe Colorado has gifted itself with, in his attempt to pass legislation that will grant the US SS police powers to arrest elected sheriffs who refuse to enforce unConstitutional gun laws, whether state or federally enacted.

Obama lies again—He tried to claim that gun control laws do not violate gun owners' rights. At the same time, while proclaiming he supports the RTKBA, he ALSO praises Connecticut's "toughest gun laws in the country" as "The closest thing to what he is pushing Congress for" according to ABC Radio News. Adding over 100 additional weapons to the banned weapons list for Connecticut, banning ALL magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds, forcing resgistration of ALL existing magazines over 10 rounds, and requiring background check for ALL sales, private AND commercial, of any firearm. Of course, according to the marxist in the White House, none of this violates our 2nd Amendment rights. And there is no reason for conflict over this. It is time, and in fact past time, for America's citizens to start filing lawsuits against the states AND the federal government when they violate our rights. We are being incrementally stripped of rights, and allowing assholes like Obama, Feinstein, Reid, and every other gun control (victim disarmament) person in America. We need to loudly proclaim the lies the liberal left keeps proclaiming about gun ownership, the 2nd Amendment, and their unConstitutional violations of that Amendment. And we need to stockpile the necessary things we need to protect and excercise our rights. Yes, I said it.

My thanks to L. Neil Smith, Libertarian, science fiction author, and prolific writer on all topics related to personal rights and freedoms, for passing this one on. I won't say much about it except that ya gotta read it to truly grasp the stupidity of this woman. So here's the link. And it's true—Colorado DOES have a LOT to apologize for. Not the least is for electing this woman. But perhaps worse is RE-electing this woman. And worst is being one of the three states (with New York and Connrcticut) to suck on Obama's gun-control teat. Way to destroy everything Colorado ever meant to the cause of individual freedoms and liberties.

IN what appears to be an attempt to blame a gun dealer rather than the killer for the killer's actions, the BATFE revoked the license of a Connecticut gun shop to deal in firearms. The shop, which sold the mother of the person (he would like me to mention his name) who committed the Newton attack a Bushmaster Rifle, possibly the one he used in the attack. The federal Constitution Violation Bureau (BATFE) has declined to say why they revoked the license. Most likely, the shop (which they raided in the days following the shooting spree) had paperwork errors. Having held an FFL, I know how easy it can be to make a simple error on the myriad forms the state and federal agencies force down the business owner's throat.

Any reviews on speedloaders for the Taurus Model 605 (5 shot .357 mag polymer framed snubbie)? I'm leaning towards the HKS, but I always liked Safariland products. And does anyone wish to sell a compact .45 acp Colt Officer's ACP (or a decent clone) 1911? I need one for carry purposes and to experiment on.

Well, that's a wrap for this rant. See ya next week!


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