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Number 716, April 14, 2013

The "Don't ask, don't tell" style of concealed carry

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Why Obama Will Lose on Guns
by L. Neil Smith

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Dear Mr. Carroll,

I greatly enjoyed your Washington Examiner article about the futility of passing gun control laws (although we prefer to call the process "victim disarmament")

However there is one series of measures, unthinkable to "progressives", but proven in the real world beyond a shadow of a doubt: arm the potential victims.

In the 70s, when Florida made it microscopically easier to carry a concealed weapon legally, the violent crime rate fell in double digits. That same pattern has repeated itself all over the country, and those states with the lowest crime rates of all, have no controls on concealed carry.

There are plenty of people, as well, who prefer to stay off government lists, and practice the "Don't ask, don't tell" style of concealed carry—which is entirely within their rights, under the Second Amendment.

Schools would require some special thinking, but since, so far, there's been no thinking at all on the subject as far as I can tell, almost anything would be an improvement. Start by arming the teachers and staff. I vehemently oppose the National Rifle Association's "Shield" plan; we have too goddamn many cops in this country already, and the NRA has been foremost among those eager to transform this once-free society into a police state.

Instead, start the little ones with a wooden device instructors commonly use to teach students to line up the sights of a pistol, revolver, or rifle. The fact that this harmless exercise is being done will act as a deterrent in and of itself.

Teach the older kids to identify weapons and determine whether they're loaded. Finally, take them out shooting. Again, the outraged news-media coverage will insure that no that school massacre ever occurs again.

High schoolers should be encouraged to keep guns in their cars and lockers for use on the school range.

Note that I am proposing nothing here that doesn't happen evey day in Israel. Eight-year-old American kids used to roam the countryside with their .22 rifles, looking for rabbits and such. And there was an ROTC range in my dad's high school in the 1930s.

These measures would solve the problem. Of course, solved problems are not desirable to politicians, they are a direct threat to their future employment.

Yours for liberty,

L. Neil Smith, author, lecturer
Publisher and Senior Columnist
Senior Editorial Consultant
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

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