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Being threatened by the Taliban or by
Albert Gore is pretty much the same thing

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant, Volume 6
by Neale Osborn

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Go ye forth and read this, all ye gun-rights opposing so-called liberals, and see what you are REALLY advocating.

Philthydelphia PD has "lost" an M16 (falsely referred to as a machine gun in the linked story—it is actually a REAL "assault rifle") due to ????? Most likely a Philly cop now "owns" a Viet Nam era M16. I wonder what will happen to the cop who took it IF they find him?

Well, there has been SOOOOO much to talk about over the last two days. First, all the gun-rights violations planned by this anti-Constitution president got a thorough stomping. A few Republicans (John McCain, cough cough) sucked the Democrat party by voting for the bills, but a few Democrats bravely crossed party lines to vote for the Constitution.... Okay, they probably just face re-election in 2014, and realize a LOT of Americans opposed these amendments. While our beloved Marxist Master scolded us for daring to support the Constitution, and defended himself for using taxpayer dollars to bring ONLY those Sandy Hook families who supported his attacks on the Constitution to lobby for him, Harry Reid admitted that they were defeated, and said that the bill was dead for the time being. I'm sure that Obama's press conference (scheduled for 6:10, tonight, Thursday) will scold us again for daring to shut his assault on the Constitution down. I hope that the Senators stay strong and keep this bill and all the amendments in the trash bin, where they belong.

Ricin was apparently sent to Obama and a Senator. Ricin is a deadly poison, with no known antidote and kills within 36 hours. Ricin is derived from Castor beans (the same beans your grandmother got Castor Bean oil from years ago!) Further tests will be needed to determine if it actually WAS Ricin, or just ground up dry castor beans, which give the same results on the quick tests. A suspect is under arrest, and he'd like me to mention his name.

Photos of two suspected bombers from the Boston Marathon bombings have been released. Apparently, according to the Reverend Al Sharpton, calling these men "dark skinned males" is offensive language.

MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton tore into CNN reporter John King when he described a supposed suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing as a "dark-skinned male." Sharpton railed against King's "offensive, coded language." He said that, in that moment, King turned every minority in the city of Boston into a terror suspect.
"I was told by one of these sources, who is a law enforcement official, that this was a dark-skinned male," he said of the supposed suspect in the case. This report that the authorities had a suspect in the bombing case in custody turned out to be inaccurate. King said this after making a number of caveats about the potentially offensive nature of his comment.
"Dark-skinned male?" Sharpton asked. "Coded, offensive language."

So, if they were pale-skinned redheads, would all have been as easily offended? Turns out they are Chechens, and the skin tone was merely camera angles. See his comments here. Note—Weasel Zippers is a great place to find people on the left with a foot firmly stuffed in their mouths. I wonder where a similar site for the right is located.

"I love you, you love me, we're best friends like friends should be!" Barney's Mommy, Sheryl Leach, is being sued because she failed to keep her son from owning a gun, He's 27. I wonder when these people think someone becomes an adult? IF the son committed an armed assault, rather than self defense (and I do not claim to know which way it was), it is not the mother's fault. At 27, the MAN acts on his own.

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." Depending upon who you listen to, Thomas Jefferson either said this, or didn't, but should have. Either way, I like the quote. And it is so true.

I'm waaaiiiiiting! I expect the "Pressure Cooker Control Act", requiring smaller pressure cookers, a background check to buy one, the reporting of multiple sales of pressure cookers, and the requirement for licenses to carry a pressure vessel. This act will probably put the Colonel AND Chik-Fil-A out of business. I'm sure Obama will be glad to put a stake through the heart of Chik-Fil-A for their stance on gays, but he might miss KFC.

Most of Boston was locked down today while police hunted for the other bomber. He was reportedly "heavily armed with bombs and automatic weapons". I was hoping an armed citizen would have been the one to catch the other suspect. Didn't happen. Shame.

Augie Busch 4 quits the NRA over their "flip flop" on background checks. So, the "King of Beers" has a problem with the 2nd Amendment, huh? Glad I don't drink his horsepiss! Forv once the NRA actually DOESN'T help write a less restrictive gun control bill and actually stands firm, and wittew Augie compwains! Fuck'im. I hope a bunch of Bud drinkers realize their money is going to a man who wants to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

It's nice to see that the apparent bombers of the Boston Marathon have been apprehended/killed. I would much have preferred to see them tried and convicted, but in my opinion, tossing identical explosive devices at the cops and (apparently) getting into a gun battle with them tends to negate the entire "Innocent until Proven Guilty" mantra. I don't support the whole "If you are not guilty, why did you run?" meme. Resisting arrest isn't even proof of guilt. I can see MANY reasons to resist arrest. However, not many of us tend to use a pressure cooker full of explosives and and shrapnel (even though it WOULD fall under the classification of "arms") for a personal defense weapon. It's too hard to aim, indiscrimanate in the choice of targets, and hard to re-load. Apparently it worked (somewhat), allowing one to escape temporarily. One man dead, one man in critical condition in the hospital under guard.

On a personal note, I put another 250 rounds through the new Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911 compact pistol this week. Operates smoothly, still accurate. 200 rounds of greek surplus with two corroded primers failing to fire, plus 50 flawless rounds of Winchester Silvertips through the (by then filthy) pistol. Nice accuracy. As soon as my spare mag arrives, it will move to my hip as one of my carry pistols.

Methinks this completes this week's rant.

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