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Number 719, May 5, 2013

Such "dangerous" individuals not only hate the government,
but are increasingly unwilling to endure it any further.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant, Volume 8
by Neale Osborn

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Senator Toomey, the Republican traitor who worked with the Democrats to try to destroy another chunk of the 2nd Amendment, claims the bill failed because of "Republican politics". I should fucking hope so. The Republicans (and 4 Democrats) stood up for the Constitution, and refused to bow to pressure from anti-Constitutionalists to violate their oaths of office. Stay strong, Republican Senators. Someday, you might grow up to be REAL patriots!!

Remington Arms failed to get it. They mistakenly decided a government contract to produce 5000 rifles over 10 years is a good enough reason to stay in NY. Just as several corporate entities (Outdoor Channel and MagPul to name 2) have announced they aill leave Colorado for it's assault on their businesses and the 2nd Amendment, Remington Arms had the chance to do the same... and blew it. I'll keep my WWII Remington Rand 1911, but I cancelled my order for a Remington 1911 with a matching serial number. I'll be damned if I spend money on a company that accepts bribes to stay (and pay taxes to and employ the people of) in a state that hates the business and all of it's commercial customers. Thanks for the tip, Bruce.

Don Mario Cuomo, Our Fearless Dictator... er I mean Governor, may just have shot NY's fiscal windfall in the ass. After a record-breaking year of film and TV production in NY, it turns out that the new Victim Disarmament Laws he just signed will make it nearly impossible to film crime shows. because the producers of these show NEED lurid gun fights with, you guessed it, high capacity magazines and assault rifles. Something rarely actually USED in crimes, but important to the makers of filmed fiction.

I'm waiting foe a ban on high capacity micro-meteorites.... God's been plinking at the International Space Station again.

My thanks to rant reader Dave C, who sent me this—

You nailed it regarding the customizability of the AR.

Push the cal up to 6.8 SPC (about 80% of the 308's power even with a 16" bbl, lots less recoil and weight), add a Giessele SSA-E two-stage trigger (second stage is about 2 lb, I think, with NO overtravel) and you get a very nifty toy.

Use a GWACS nylon lower ( ) and with open sights you can get this under 7 lbs without trouble.

If you haven't tried it, find someone who has one... it's truly an amazing experience. It might win you over to the platform. (Hornady's LE website used to have gel results for their rifle bullets, and you couldn't tell the difference between the 308/155gr VMAX and the 6.8 SPC 110gr BTHP.)



Anybody in the Western NY area got such a critter, and want to let me try it out??

Obama was resuming his world apology tour, in Mexico, and doing his usual job of taking no responsibility for his own action. He apologized to the Mexican college students at the Museo Anthropologia in Mexico City for US gun shops selling guns to known criminal buyers. What he failed to apologize for, however, was the fact that these guns were sold at the orders of his Attorney General Eric Holder as part of his Operation Fast and Furious, aka Operation Gunrunner. OF&F was designed (ostensibly) to track arms to the narcotraficantes, allowing the narcotraficantes to be apprehended. What they deliberately failed to do was TRACK THE FUCKING GUNS!! All they wanted in reality was for weapons from American gunshops to wind up in the hands of Mexican criminals, and be recovered at crime scenes in Mexico, so he would have an excuse to further curtail the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. He claimed, in the speech, to support the 2nd Amendment, but "acknowledged that we need to control guns better" to keep them out of the hands of "criminals and others who shouldn't have guns". What a hypocrite.

I'm not always fond of Sarah Palin. But I love her turn of a phrase, and this one is priceless. Speaking of the media, she said they were "the reliable poodle-skirted cheerleaders for a president who writes the book on exploiting tragedy." While she was singing the praises of the NRA (not my favorite group due to their penchant for writing gun control laws and then declaring victory for gun owners) with a lot of GOP big names, I like most of what she and others said.

Harry Reid went off the deep end the other day. I know, I know, "So what else is new?" Not much, but this one was pretty funny. He went on a long, rambling explanation of how the TEA Party is actually a bunch of closet anarchists. I only wish it it was true. By HIS definition, anyone who refuses to take whatever money Democrats deem necessary to fund any law he manages to get through is an anarchist. Now, I like a lot of what the TEA Party stands for. But they sure as shit ain't anarchists. Tea Party activists believe in limited government. NOT an absence of government.

Well, this one is a little scanty, but I was busy this week, and unable to spend as much time on the rant as usual. See ya NEXT week!

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