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Number 720, May 12, 2013

Taxation is theft,
taxation is slavery,
taxation is the fuel of war

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For the Pessimists Among Us

Poll: 61% of College-Age Students Want Government to Stay Out of Their Lives—CNS News

L. Neil Smith

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I haven't see my old friend Mike McNulty for 12 years, but I heard him on the radio this morning, abd thiught it might be important to pass his URL along. This man is our century's Simon Wiesenthal, and he won't give up until there is justice in the matter of the murders of the Branch Davidians.

L. Neil Smith

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To Dave Perry, Editor, Aurora (Colorado) Sentinel:

I was absolutely delighted to see your recent column "We Can Only Save Ourselves From Kidnappers At The NRA", which I read at [here], and I'm writing to thank you for it.

You see, for years I've been warning my own readers, mostly libertarians, that the ultimate agenda of those who call themselves "progressives" (because they've soiled the word "liberal" so badly that they can't use it in public any more) is to carry out a second Holocaust, one that will make the original German one look like small potatoes.

How do I know this? Because the U.N. and certain members of the Obama Administration brag about it openly. "There are too many people on Earth—the population must be cut down to the planet's 'carrying capacity,'" which they somehow reckon is 10% of those living today. Somehow, they've got to get rid of the other 90%—6.3 billion innocent individuals.

Privately-owned weapons are going to get in the way of those plans, which is why the left wants them taken away.

Your proposal to round up five million NRA members and send them to Guantanamo (where there isn't room for 500 new inmates, let alone five million) is certainly consistent with what Obama and the U.N. want to do, and I intend to cite you from now on to support my contentions.

As a Holocaust-enabler, you're going to get a lot of publicity you probably don't want.

Thanks again,

L. Neil Smith, author, lecturer
Publisher and Senior Columnist
Senior Editorial Consultant
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

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Johnathan Roberts wrote to me:

I have been reading some of the articles on your site recently, and, unless it is meant as a joke or a parody, I must admit that they are full of more bile and hatred than ever I have seen. Every last article seems to be written by a paranoid conspiracy theorist out to prove that all government is bad.

To be honest, I'm ashamed at you for even being able to say those things, and ashamed at the comic author that linked you. Please, cease your arrogant raging at what amounts to standard business.

I dread the thought of someone with your mindset ever getting into power. I hope that such a day never occurs. Farewell.

My dear Johnathan,

That's just about the saddest, sickest, and most misguided message I've ever received. Tell me, does the hole in your head have a screw-top, or does it just flap open so the Southern Poverty Law Center can pour its toxic propaganda directly into the empty space in which other people keep whatever brains.they have?

All of my adult life, Johnathan, I have striven for nothing except a culture in which each individual is free to own and operate his or her own life. If that's a bad thing, if it's what you're afraid of, you're an extremely disturbed person and you desperately need help of some kind.

Tell me, should I just let the United Nations carry out its openly-advertised plan to murder 6.3 billion human beings, or do you think maybe I should at least say something about it?

Yes, I hate, loathe, and despise the enemies of individual liberty, and so would you, if you knew the things I know. (Just as an experiment, look up "Operation Keelhaul" as an example of "what amounts to standard business".) Yes, Johnathan, my writing is often vitriolic.The other side has tens of thousands of heavily armed troops, tanks, armored personnel carriers, airplanes, helicopters, explosives, and nuclear weapons. I have my keyboard. I try to get as effective use out of it as I can.

All government is bad, Johnathan. It is based entirely on the initiation of force or the threat of force, the ability to beat people up and kill them if they won't obey. That, I submit,is immoral. Nobody should ever be able to tell another human being what to do and make it stick . If you regard that attitude as wrong, then you've got more problems that I can solve.

I don't have any idea what "comic author" you refer to, nor which of my several websites has upset you, but I'm certainly glad it has. Getting upset is the beginning of independent thought.

I've spent more than fifty years researching what I write about. How much time and effort have you expended so far, learning about the world you live in? Anybody who isn't "raging", arrogantly or otherwise, simply hasn't been paying attention. I'm not about to cease that. Instead, I challenge you to acquire a copy of my new book Down With Power, read it from cover to cover, and then you may apologize to me abjectly.

L. Neil Smith

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