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Number 720, May 12, 2013

Taxation is theft,
taxation is slavery,
taxation is the fuel of war

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The Truth Gets Out
by A.X. Perez

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A while back i sent an article to TLE pointing out that homicides with fire arms (In fact homicides period) has been declinining. Pew Research has just published this (google "Pew Homicide report" if link doesn't work) pointing out that the same thing. There are three important differences:

Pew points out that most people have been mislead by the media to think things are getting worse, not better.

They go back to 1993, I only went back tp 2006 if I remember right.

I include the information that self defense killings by civilians have risen over the time period I discussed both with and without firearms.

So since 1993, firearms ownership has risen, the population has risen, and the use of force in self defense has risen. However crime, especially crime using firearms and specifcally murder with firearms, has fallen. This in spite of the end of the ugly weapon ban in 2004, the adoption of shall issue concealed licensing laws by most states, several states adopting Constitutional carry, and most states until recently liberaling their gun laws.

Yet those who would rule us by fear, mostly opponents of gun rights, but some "law and order" supporters of gun rights, have done all they can to make us fear our neighbors and use that fear to justify gun control, trashing of the due process rights of the accused, ditto the unaccused. the militarization of the police and decades of concerted effort to crush liberty.

Perhaps it is time and past time to get rid of the phbocrats and replace them with those wh rult through love of freedom (Eleutherophilicrats if you want a balancing Anglohellenism).

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