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Number 720, May 12, 2013

Taxation is theft,
taxation is slavery,
taxation is the fuel of war

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The World's Greatest Propaganda Ministry
by Jeff Ganaposki

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Like most Americans, I, too, was a victim of the world's greatest propaganda ministry. Only until I read law for myself, did I "see". 99.9999% of Americans, educated or not, are clueless as to the facts and the law. I know I was despite "education" up to and including graduate studies. (Electrical Eng, Mechanical Eng, CompSci)

Most Americans think we are a democracy (or a constitutionally limited indirect democracy).

DEMOCRATIC FORM (democracy)—form of government wherein the whole body of free citizens indirectly exercise sovereignty, by majority vote. An indirect democracy chooses representatives, who are delegated power to bind their constituencies.

Art. 4, Sec.4, promises a republican form to the American people (in their States).

REPUBLICAN FORM—form of government wherein the people directly exercise sovereignty, and are served—not ruled—by government. The sovereign people retain possession of all their inalienable rights, powers, and liberties, and no democratic majority can vote them away. The servant government only exercises power by special delegation. Though not the most perfect form, it is the best form, securing the maximum liberty and freedom to its sovereign people.

So I, too, will not give up on the "best form" despite the fact that its own people were tricked into abandoning it generations past.

Do not believe me—go to your county courthouse law library and READ law for yourself. If I told you what you will find in the law, you wouldn't believe me. Shucks, if I went back in time, and told myself, I wouldn't believe me, either. But if you do go to the county courthouse law library, remember to wear knee pads and "Depends" (adult diapers) ... you may fall to your knees, weeping, or pee yourself.

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