Five Things Republicans Can Do
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Number 720, May 12, 2013
Taxation is theft,
taxation is slavery,
taxation is the fuel of war

Swiming Pools vs Guns
Swiming Pools vs Guns
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The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 4 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith

Five Things Republicans Can Do
by L. Neil Smith
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I originally prepared this speech for delivery this weekend to the annual convention of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, technical complications and a minor illness prevented me from doing so. Although I would have cut this down to fit a half hour slot, this is the speech I wanted to deliver.

A Pseudo-Libertarian
by John Taylor
Robert Levy (Cato Institute and participant in Heller v DC) attempts to present a libertarian case in favor of the Schumer-Toomey-Manchin "universal background check" legislation. The case he makes is compelling, but he overlooks some key points. (Let's take the high road and attribute it to naiveté.)

The Truth Gets Out
by A.X. Perez
A while back i sent an article to TLE pointing out that homicides with fire arms (In fact homicides period) has been declinining. Pew Research has just published the following....

When Expressing Your Opinion is a Crime
by Professor John Kersey
The Daily Mail reports that solicitor Danielle Morris has been fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £5,250 in costs by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority on a charge of racial and religious discrimination. A previous complaint against her and her former employer arising from the same matter resulted in an undisclosed settlement being paid. It is reasonable to suppose that this was not an unconsiderable sum.

Jim Carrey is a Useless Idiot
by Sean Gangol
At first I wasn't going to respond to this idiot, since I find it counterproductive to give more attention to idiotic celebrities who already have too much exposure to begin with, but I decided to make an exception because it was interesting to see how far a has-been celebrity will go to get attention. Unless you skipped over the title, then you probably know that the man I am referring to is Jim Carrey. To be honest I have never thought that Jim Carrey was God's greatest gift to comedy. It seemed like his routine mainly revolved around the stupid looks that he made on his face. The only two movies of his that I really liked were Bruce Almighty and The Majestic (underrated). I just never found him that funny, even when the rest of America did.

The World's Greatest Propaganda Ministry
by Jeff Ganaposki
Like most Americans, I, too, was a victim of the world's greatest propaganda ministry. Only until I read law for myself, did I "see". 99.9999% of Americans, educated or not, are clueless as to the facts and the law. I know I was despite "education" up to and including graduate studies. (Electrical Eng, Mechanical Eng, CompSci)

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 9
by Neale Osborn
As I have said before, I am not a fan of the NRA or LaPierre. They roll over and play dead or, even worse, actively collaborate with the Victim Disarmament scumbags and actually write gun control laws. But at the NRA annual meeting, he appearss to get it. Or at least, he talks the talk.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 226
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 226 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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This week I was going to feature a link to Defense Distributed

a website and project of a young fellow named Cody Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a law student at what we Texans call "THE University". He posted a file of plans for a tested 3-D Printed pistol called "The Liberator". And then what we Texans call "THEM Sumbiches" sent him an official letter ordering him to remove that file. And he did, on account of "THEM Sumbiches" are likely to up and kill anybody they are displeased with.

Well, I had done already downloaded those files, and you can too simply by going to with a good bit-torrent application like MicroTorrent from Do a search on "defense distributed" or "liberator" and download them files. Soon a 3-D printer will be a hundred bucks at WalMart and away we'll go.

Who are THEM Sumbiches? The Department of State of the United Snakes of America is who. Who else? The reason? Somebody non- American might see the files and that would be the legal definition of exporting weapons without a permit. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

I've collected a few You Are Ells with more information, but I'm sure they're popping up all over still:

The Guardian

The Austinist

The Daily Mail


Washington Times

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