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Number 721, May 19, 2013
"I think we may have reached a point, elected a
President, who _possesses_ no individuality, no
real being of his own, but is made up totally
of the collective. Something like the Borg Queen."

Swiming Pools vs Guns
Republicans & Democrats
Found at orlingrabbe.com


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 4 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Ted Ball and Paul Bonneau

Right Wing Socialism
by L. Neil Smith
In the final analysis, there are only two political "philosophies" in the world, comprised, as Robert Heinlein suggested, of "those who think that people should be controlled, and those who do not". The latter sort are called "individualists" and the former are called "collectivists".

Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?
by MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway
Charity has always been a big part of American life, an important part, so free will giving goes on at impressive levels, even with the economy in such a mess and so many people either out of work or unable to find a job at their former pay—or anywhere near it in some cases. Those who are wise, of course, examine carefully those charities they choose to support and often must make seriously painful choices.

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness
by IL Fettucinni
The great day arrived (5-16-13) for the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, the second of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sagas of Kirk, Spock and Bones at the start of their careers in Star Fleet. We went a full hour early for the 2 PM showing at the Barkley Theater in Bellingham, WA in case there might be a huge line. Alas! We could have come at the last moment because I counted exactly 33 souls in that matinee performance, no doubt hardcore Trekkies all.

Gun Owners: Freedom Lovers or Cry Babies?
by Paul Bonneau
Adam Kokesh has come up with a project, an armed march on Washington D.C., and inevitably the Fudds and other assorted crybabies have come out of the woodwork. It's enough to make a strong man puke.

Why fear "falling" when you can fly?
by Kent McManigal
Sitting outside, watching some birds swooping around in the sky, gave me some insight recently.

Inner Peace
by Someone Somewhere
If you can start the day without caffeine, If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains...

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 10
by Neale Osborn
So now pediatricians are lying to try to get guns banned. Though they seem to be lying carefully. "Where there are more guns in the United States, there are more people dying," happens to be a blatant lie, as outlined in the Pew study outlined in Rant #9. Gun crime down 49%. Non-fatal gun violence down 70%. Firearms free violence down 72%. Gun ownership UP across the nation. 37 states now cannot refuse to issue a concealed carry license unless you are a felon. 4 states now do not require ANY license to carry concealed. 3500 children drown each year. 500 die by gun. Ban the swimming pools first, pediatricians. THEY aren't Constitutionally protected.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 227
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 227 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act


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NOTE: We are late on account of computer problems and home office network problems and Internet problems. After an hour on the phone with 1-800 help me! I said, "Going to bed now, thanks for trying" and did. This was about 5:00 AM. Slept a good night, got up, took a long shower, ate a leisurely breakfast, and got to work on the networking problem. I fixed it by turning everything off, unplugging everything, plugging it all back in, and turning it on. And it worked. Fookin' computers! No wonder us programmers turn old before out time (and forget about after our time!)! Anyway, later on today I'll try fixing the desktop, or else use it for shotgun practice, I haven't decided which. Enjoy!

I was looking at myself in the mirror a day or two ago. And I happened to turn sideways. Yep, looks like the baby's due next week. But, I'm not female! That's a POT BELLY! So I get to do the "eat less, excercise more" thing for a while. And I can't wear yellow-orange or school children will think I'm a bus and try to board. Ah well, there is always something.

And this word about Thought Crime:

The most famous biologist in the world, James D. Watson, was forced to retire from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2007 because of a factually accurate remark to a British journalist about low IQ scores among African blacks. In 2006, Larry Summers, president of Harvard, had to resign after a series of attacks that began with his empirically well-informed remarks about gender differences. These are just the most visible examples of a corruption that has spread throughout American intellectual discourse: If you take certain positions, you will be cast into outer darkness. Whether your statements are empirically accurate is irrelevant.
"In Defense of Jason Richwine; His resignation is emblematic of a corruption that has spread throughout American intellectual discourse."
by Charles Murray

To which I will point (again) at something John Locke said:

Love of truth necessary.
He that would seriously set upon the search of truth ought in the first place to prepare his mind with a love of it. For he that loves it not will not take much pains to get it; nor be much concerned when he misses it. There is nobody in the commonwealth of learning who does not profess himself a lover of truth: and there is not a rational creature that would not take it amiss to be thought otherwise of. And yet, for all this, one may truly say, that there are very few lovers of truth, for truth's sake, even amongst those who persuade themselves that they are so. How a man may know whether he be so in earnest, is worth inquiry: and I think there is one unerring mark of it, viz. The not entertaining any proposition with greater assurance than the proofs it is built upon will warrant. Whoever goes beyond this measure of assent, it is plain, receives not the truth in the love of it; loves not truth for truth's sake, but for some other bye-end.
—John Locke, Essay concerning Human Understanding, Book IV, Chapter 19 ("Of Enthusiasm")

Say, Gentle Reader, do YOU love Truth for Truth's Sake?

Finally an important message from Our Publisher, L. Neil Smith:

Latest info on Adam Kokesh According to the Philly Police at the 9th District Adam Kokesh of AdamVsTheMan has been moved to a "Federal Detention Center".

Number is 215-686-3007

When Googled I also found:

Phone: 215-521-4000
Fax: 215-521-7220

HOWEVER someone else has also found this address:

8201 State Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phone:(215) 685-8580

He was allegedly taken there because they could not get Positive ID on him.

No one knows what charges he is supposedly facing. Witness say he was taken captive for standing to close to people smoking cannabis.

The ACLU, who ought to be up to their necks in this are hiding under the bed, as usual, instead. I don't know Adam Kokesh, but I've long been an admirer, and I'm going to do whatever I can, no matter how microscopic it may be, to help him in this time of tyranny.

Additional news links:




It appears that Mr. Kokesh has taken a lot of guff from the more timid people in this "Freedom Movement". Explain that to the guys at Bunker Hill, eh?

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