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Number 722, May 26, 2013

The sad thing about [WW-2] is that it was not
a conflict between good and evil, but between
differing brands of fascism. Fascism won.

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Mentally Disarmed
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Lately a British soldier was run down and then literally butchered by two knife wielding self proclaimed Jihadists. Then killers then stood around for several minutes chatting with witnesses and proclaiming their ideals until the bobbies finally showed up to shoot then without killing them and arrest them.

The madman who tried to assassinate Gabby Gifford and who killed and wounded several others was overcome by essentially an unarmed mob. Several mass murders in the US have been prevented or reduced in severity by one persons resistance. Even in the horrific Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres it is recorded that many of the killed and wounded were shot protecting the lives of others.

The London killers chatted with witnesses until the cops showed up.

News reports indicate that for the last two generations Conservative and Labour Governments in the UK have tried to stamp courage and fighting spirit out of the British people. The murder of a British soldier by self proclaimed Jihadists in front of a large enough group of witnesses who did not mob and beat them into submission, if not to death, for their actions tells me that the UK's politicians have succeeded.

They might as well keep their gun control laws, with the mentality showed the fourth week of 2013 it appears most British would be disarmed with guns in their hands anyhow.

And this is what a bunch of America's misleaders want for the US.

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