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Number 725, June 16, 2013

The only reason we have plane and subway and
shoe bombers in America is because America
seems like a country in dire need of a good
plane, subway, or shoe bombing to foreigners.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 14
by Neale Osborn

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Take that you gun-grabbing Constitution-violating bastard! Colorado Senate president John Morse is facing a recall election in his district. It appears that he forgot that while he ran as a Democrat, he ran in a VERY conservative district. The petition says "his actions do not represent the wishes of the district", and according to at least one report, the recall petition has more signatures than the number of votes he received in the election. More than twice the required number of signatures have been received already. Several of his colleagues are also facing the same fate. He will be the fifth to face recall in the nation, ever. He is the first from Colorado, but not the last, for 3 more Colorado Democrats are currently facing similar petitions, which may well succeed in getting more special elections.

My guess is that this guy opposes the death penalty for rapes and murders, opposes actually shooting criminals in your house (Yeah, I know he claims to support CCW and shotguns for home defense, but I'll bet he lies), and is all for the "assault" rifle and magazine bans proposed by Obama. So, he's advocating firing squads for the NRA and anyone who supports standing firm for the ENTIRE Bill of Rights, and actively opposing any government attempt to violate our rights. What a total asshole. Well, at least here he will get the attention he deserves—He'd like me to mention his name. (Kudos to Paul Harvey for that line)

Can California get any stupiderer? (LOL) A California principal has organized a TOY gun "buyback" program. First question— how can you buy back something you never owned in the first place? Second question—WHO is paying for the rewards to the kids? Third question—Who stole the principal's brain? 99% of kid played with toy guns (including your beloved ranter). I don't know ANYONE who has killed another human being (other than in self defense.

Obama's back using the Newtown parents as justification for violating the 2nd Amendment. he has flown them (at taxpayer expense, again) to DC specifically to commemorate the "6 month anniversary" (a semantically null phrase if ever I heard one ((that means a phrase that does not actually mean anything)) ) of the shootings, and to attempt to bully Congress into passing his unConstitutional attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment, and by extension the Constitution. There is only ONE way to remove the 2nd Amendment. And you'd think a man claiming to be a lawyer would know that. It's called "Pass another Amendment".

NYC is trying to outlaw 3D printing not only of guns, but even parts for guns. They are also trying to make it a felony to posess printed parts, components, complete weapons, and ammunition. 3D printing spells the end of the entire gun control system, if they ever get it down pat. I hope they do.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again—I feel for the Newtown victims' families. and I understand their desire to do SOMETHING to feel empowered after their losses. But I will not now, nor will I ever, support their allowing themselves to be prostituted by Obama to get his agenda passed. He is shamelessly using them as lobbyists for his continuing assaults on the 2nd Amendment. I understand how "friendships forged in adversity" occur. Turning activist after a tragedy, I understand. But if they wish to actually PREVENT school shootings rather than guarantee more of them, they should advocate for armed good guys to be present on school campuses. they should advocate for firearms safety training for kids to prevent accidents. Training for the teachers who want to carry concealed at school so that they may protect the children rather than sacrifice their lives uselessly trying to distract a future gunman. Advocate for armed guards, community volunteers, retired or off-duty cops, ex-military, etc in the halls. Instead, they fall back on the tried and true lies of the liberal anti-gunners, who refuse to acknowledge that as gun ownership has doubled over the last 20 years, murder by guns has been halved, violent non-fatal crimes with guns have dropped by 70%, and violent crimes have dropped by 72%. ONLY in the strictest anti-gun cities has violence remained high. But liberal liars never learn....... actually, that's not quite true. They know damn well the truth, they just don't give a damn. Armed citizens do not need the government to protect them, and are less tolerant of government interference in their lives. We can't allow citizens to realize Big Brother isn't their friend.

John "I served in Viet Nam" Kerry, the Flip-Flop man, has announced that "We look forward to signing the UN Small Arms Proliferation treaty as soon as" the translations all match. He claims (erroneously) that the treaty is no threat to the 2nd Amendment. Fortunately, it looks as if the Senate will never ratify it. If they value their cushy, perk-filled jobs, they won't ratify it. Because it is a DIRECT assault on the 2nd Amendment.

Confiscating muskets? REALLY?? Using information (given in direct violation of HIPA privacy regulations AND doctor/patient confidentiality) provided by a therapist (who pointed out that the man was no danger to anyone), Illinois police confiscated (and damaged) 3 muskets from Arthur Lovi, including a 100 year old antique. after forcing an American citizen to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, AND being forced to obtain a lawyer, he finally got his muskets back. Currently, he is suing for damages, emotional damages, and the violation of his 2nd and 4th Amendment rights. Here's hoping he wins.

That wraps up this week's rant. enjoy it!

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