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Number 727, June 30, 2013

No more secrets, no more lies.

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Indy shoots!

Fighting Dirty in Colorado
by Rex May

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

There's a recurring theme about these things. Whenever a Good Guy comes up with a plan to oppose the Bad Guys by using the Bad Guys' tactics against them, some armchair general says, "We're better than that." That's why we lose. When the left is unhappy, they send thugs out to riot in the street and defecate on cars. When the right is unhappy, it holds orderly demonstrations and cleans up after itself. And then congratulates itself on how well it behave as it loses the argument. Don't get me wrong. All things being equal, I believe in fair play and all that it implies. But fair play only works when you have some kind of consensus about it. The Geneva rules only work when they're enforced. And the left, count on it, has no rules. They'll do absolutely anything at all to win and not even blush about it.

Glaivester has a suggestion about how to deal with Democrat voter fraud. Needless to say, many Republicans will say "we're better than that," and gear up to lose. I think Glaivester is right. From his BLOG:


They Fight Dirty, You Fight Dirty
Note: Please, if you like this idea, re-post it.

A message to Republicans in Colorado:

Democratic Governor Hickenlooper just signed a bill that would facilitate election fraud, despite the protest of every Republican in the legislature, and the Secretary of State.

These bills tend to discourage Republicans, because they see the allowance of massive voter fraud as benefiting Democrats and worry that the Democrats will no longer have to listen to voters because they can manufacture votes.

I say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

In any future election, if you have an opportunity to cast extra ballots, or if you have an opportunity to get an out-of-state relative to cast a ballot, or any other chance to get fraudulent votes for Republicans, take it.

If the Democrats want to make election fraud a civil right, then Republicans should commit as much election fraud as they can get away with.

It's like publishing the names of the newspaper employees of that paper that was publishing the names of gun owners. Fight fire with fire.

Any time that there is a Democrat-supported law facilitating voter fraud that Republicans can use to their benefit, they should. After they get in power, they can restore integrity to the process.

That is all.

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