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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 18
by Neale Osborn

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Awwwww! Poor wittle wiberals got their panties in a wad. [Link] It seems Starbucks has the unadulterated gall to actually allow evil gin owners to carry their horrible disgusting killy-bang-bangs into the store! From the linked article:

Starbucks allows people to open carry guns in their stores in the states that allow open carry despite the fact they have the legal right to ban guns from their stores—just like their legal right to require customers to wear clothes. They refuse to do so.

Wow. Starbucks refuses to violate a Constitutional right. I've been meaning to take up coffee drinking. This clinches it! But then, anyone who actually points out that the Brady Campaign presented a petition to halt the policy doesn't deserve much respect anyway. This explains why Starbucks doesn't get robbed too often!

The La-Who Za-Her is trying to backpedal. [Link] I guess his big mouth is costing him enough money that he had to be the hypocrite he has always been. Jim Carey has "apologized" for his assaults on gun owners, mentioned in one of my early rants. Of course, he says he stands by his statements on firearms ownership, he just apologizes for his nasty assaults on gun owners. Fuck him.

MSN can't comprehend the simple common sense of armed teachers protecting your children. But Ohio can. [Link] and Buckeye Firearms is funding the training and CCWs of 144 of Ohio's teachers for exactly this purpose. I applaud you, Ohio. I applaud Buckeye Firearms. Standing up for the safety of our children rather than sucking up to the Victim Disarmament crowd.

The end of an era. Illinois Governor's veto overridden. [Link] the last state to totally prohibit Concealed Carry has fallen to the forces of the Constitution. Even Democrats voted to override it. Will miracles never cease? Apparently not. This same governor actually DID do one thing right- he told Illinois' senate they get no more pay until they figure out how to pay for a nearly $100 BILLION pension shortfall that has been screwing over the state's retirees for over a decade. He himself will not be paid, either. For that, Sir, I laud you. savor the feeling. I don't figure it will happen again anytime soon.

George Zimmerman was just acquitted. Finally, common sense breaks out. Now, the question is "Will there be riots?" Here's hoping there will not be.

Missouri just pissed off anti-gun liberals. They passed a bill to have 1st graders taught gun safety in public school. [Link] It's about time we realized it's far safer for society if children are taught safety, rather than fear, in regards to firearms. And you can bet this course will start off with, have continual mention of, and end with, the ironclad rule of "You don't touch a gun without an adult supervising."

A note to all my readers- this is the last rant for at least one week, probably two. Next Saturday, I will have been back country hiking with my middle son and his Boy Scout troop for a few days, and will still have a few more to go. So no rant. The following week, I get home on Thursday. I take a shower. I go to bed. I get up in the morning, and head to West Virginia for another camping trip, this time with my oldest boy. But that one may or may not leave me access to a computer and the internet. If so, I will try to get at least a short rant out.

That's it for tonight. Have a safe few weeks, see you in a few.

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