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To Those on Social Security
by Paul Bonneau

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Many people on Socialist Security (I can hardly think of it as "Social" any more) have come to the realization, or at least the uncomfortable suspicion, that they are on the dole. I guess this is kinda hard to miss these days, although I won't expand on reasons why in this article (use a search engine). Assuming it's the case for the reader - that is, he's aware it is a form of dole - the question then becomes, what to do about it?

First, though, we might start with what not to do about it.

Don't rationalize. This is the lowest human common denominator; most folks on the dole finds some way to rationalize it. Since you have come

to the conclusion something is wrong, we might guess that you are at least a few steps above this level. Congratulations!

(By the way, staying on SS "to make the state collapse that much faster" is just another form of rationalization.)

Don't go into denial. Look truth and reality in the face.

Don't shoot the messenger. Yes, many of them do not use the most persuasive tactics; moral outrage is fun I guess, if not very convincing. The younger generation has some justification for outrage, given their rotten fiscal circumstances, even if they likely would not have done anything differently from what you did, had your positions been swapped.

Don't stress about it. That's not very helpful either, except it might remove you from the stage earlier. Dying is one way off the dole!

What should you do?

1) Consider not receiving it; just stop cashing the check. This means you have to keep working in one capacity or another. This is not altogether a bad thing, assuming you have something to contribute to society.

However this is clearly a hard row to hoe, since no planning was done for this eventuality in most cases. I suspect few are up to it.

There are some upsides though. If you keep working you are likely going to live longer and maybe healthier. Your self-respect may be improved. You will naturally have to work on your connections to other people as a replacement for that "entitlement"; there are clear benefits to that as well. Finally, you will be in much better shape when SS dies through inflation, as many predict it must.

2) If you are not quite up to "cold turkey", you might think about some other way to contribute to "society" to even up the karma scales some. The younger generation particularly will never see a SS dime, while continuing to pay into it. Try to direct your efforts their way.

3) In any case, hate the state. They are the people who put you into this position, all the while patting themselves on the back about it. The bastards...

4) Try to do other things that removes your state dependence and increases the non-state alternative. For example, you might look up the history of "dame schools"; could you do something like that? That is particularly good since it helps others off the dole (government schooling is another form of welfare). Or, help a local organic small farmer in some capacity. Make those human connections.

5) Keep in mind that "the most dangerous man is he who has nothing left to lose". By virtue of your advanced age you are in that condition. So, stop putting up with crap from bureaucrats and others. A reduction in your testosterone production (if that is what you produce) does not mean you have to submit to every indignity. Become a pain in the ass, to those who deserve that.

6) Have some empathy for others hornswoggled into getting on the dole just as you were. The state was not doing them any favors either.

All is not lost if you wake up one day saying, "Oh, hell, I'm just another welfare queen!" Use your imagination and see what you can do about it.

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