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Number 730, July 21, 2013


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Saint Traryvon and Niven's First Law
by Rich Matarese

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I'm a science fiction fan. Most people are mundanes. They don't read SF much, they don't consider speculative fiction the cutting-edge genre in modern literature, and they're largely illiterate in the sciences and in scientific method.

See the "anthropogenic global warming" (also known as "man-made climate change") fraud.

Mundanes fall for that kind of crap. Science fiction fen? Not hardly.

Okay, for those mundanes reading here, there's a writer named Larry Niven well known in science fiction fandom. Like most SF writers, he's observant, intelligent, and very witty. When asked some decades ago to put together some rules of thumb for life, he came up with Niven's Laws. First among these is one that really, really ought to have been taught to Trayvon Martin back when his photographs showed a cute, endearing young kid instead of the six-foot-three MMA aficionado and burgler he became.

Niven's First Law: "Never throw shit at an armed man."

Simple, logical, and you'd think that even a drug-raddled thug like Trayvon (Skittles + AriZona Watermelon-flavored beverage + dextromethorphan cough syrup = "lean" to cause hallucinations, stupefication, and psychotic behavior) might be able to understand that, right?

But Trayvon was a mundane. He didn't read science fiction, he'd never heard of Larry Niven, and none of the educrats running the daycare program masquerading as "public education" had thought to expose their victims to something as esoteric as Niven's First Law.

Let's repeat another bit of Larry Niven's wisdom. From one of the novels he co-wrote with Dr. Jerry Pournelle (Oath of Fealty) we get:

"Think of it as evolution in action."

Considering that Trayvon will never reproduce to pass his traits to another generation likely to grow up just as violently sociopathic as he had been, his attack on George Zimmerman—a "creepy-assed cracka" who happened to be an armed man—will happily keep some trash out of the gene pool.

See what you miss by refusing to read science fiction?

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