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Number 731, July 28, 2013

"One of the most unmistakable indications
that a civilization is in decline is when
it is no longer capable of telling
its heroes from its villains."

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Where's America These Days?
by Cathy L.Z. Smith

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be what the world thinks of as an American. To the world, and to me, this is a nation of cowards.

A man who has told the truth to the world is declared—by a man who has never told the truth—to be a criminal, and his life, future, and freedom hang in limbo, a captive of all the 21st Century wannabe dictators who currently infest this planet, all of them afraid to tell the neighborhood bully to go fuck himself.

Another man, who has harmed no one, but has repeatedly (and quite effectively) tweaked the nose of "the man" languishes in detention in the criminally-controlled eastern US—another "criminal" with no victim, guilty of no destructive act. His "crime" consists of demonstrating the mindlessly virulent brutality of those who have come to believe they are our masters, by proving that they are not.

Militarized "police" routinely commit acts of terror against the poor, the weak, the "disrespectful", and most especially, the resourceful— humiliating, assaulting, and murdering them, and, in acts so wantonly and despicably the domain of "occupying forces" invading their homes with no warrants, no due process, terrorizing their children and gleefully killing their family pets. An occupying force that suffers no consequences for its own criminal behavior—an occupying force that loots the very population it "swears" to protect and defend— now roams the streets of US cities in armor and commits acts of armed robbery on the country's highways, airways, bus stations and train stations.

This is a culture sick and twisted, possibly beyond repair. And a nation of cowards, a nation of nanny-state clients, a nation of people who not only have no honor, but who have no idea what honor is, a nation of people who turn a blind eye to any real injustice, satisfied with being branded "politically correct", "non-racist" citizens, and who are content to tolerate and perpetuate this evil in the interest of acquiring some of the loot. Clients who eagerly line up for approval (or hide from the possibility of disapproval) and who speak the buzzwords of subservience in the hope of being overlooked for the crimes they cannot help but commit in a state where everything is, and is meant to be, a criminal act dutifully line up at the voting booths and pull the appropriate lever to receive their nutritional pellets that consist of the flesh, blood, and livelihood of those who continue (because they can't conceive of what else to do) to produce ... anything.

Somewhere there is still an America. It exists in the hearts and minds of those who know the answer to the question "Who is John Galt". It no longer exists on the piece of real estate known as the United States.

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