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Number 733, August 11, 2013
Over the next several years, the most
important issue in American history will
be decided. Freedom or non-freedom.

Now they're scaring me!
Now they're scaring me!
by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 4 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Renata Amy Russell, Jim Woosley, Paul Bonneau, L. Neil Smith, Rex "Baloo" May, Neale Osborn, Chris Claypoole, and Sean Gabb, and Ann Morgan

Enemies and Friends
by L. Neil Smith
Long ago, before I had a computer, or there was even an Internet, I realized a simple but important truth about the victim disarmament industry. I know that you know exactly who I mean: those sick, twisted dregs of sub-humanity who, owing to some horrendously traumatic event while they were being toilet-trained, or a hideously personality-scarring miscalculation during their first date with a real, live member of the sex they feel opposite to, would rather see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.

An Open Letter in Reply to an Email from Albert Perez
The Kaptain's Log

by Manuel Miles (aka Kaptain Kanada)
Your naivete is disappointing to say the least. You have taken the official Nato line along with the hook and sinker. That atrocities are committed by all sides in civil wars seems to have escaped your notice in the stampede to buy the sappy emotionalism of The Party Line.

Senator Enzi, Mafia Thug
by Paul Bonneau
I was looking at some of the ways Senator Enzi was attempting to justify an Internet sales tax. It would put "Main Street businesses on a level playing field with online retailers." What's more it would provide $23 billion in "fiscal relief" to states. Ah, euphemism. Where would government be without it?

LAPD's Hypocrisy About Gun Prosecutions
by C.D. Michel
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is extremely aggressive in enforcing federal, state, and local firearm regulations. In fact, years ago it created its very own "Gun Unit" that is dedicated to investigating and prosecuting violations of firearm laws. Since its creation, the LAPD Gun Unit has earned a notorious reputation for being unduly aggressive in prosecuting these cases, and for interpreting the confusing, numerous, and complicated California and federal firearm laws extremely broadly. Simply put, the LAPD attempts to criminalize as much firearm related activity as possible. In doing so, it has made criminals out of lots of well-intentioned and harmless civilians.

Review of Down With Power
by Kent McManigal
There are a lot of libertarian books and authors out there. Most of the older examples can be rather dry and difficult for modern readers to wade through. As enlightening a book as Albert Jay Nock's 1935 work "Our Enemy, the State" is, it can't be considered light or leisurely reading. And it will upset a rosy view of government just as surely as any modern writing.

Abuse of Power
by D.J. Webb
The way social power is used is very important in English thought. We have always admired measured used of power and the giving of opportunities to the weak to put their point of view in open judicial and other processes. For example, the judicial review provision of the courts aims to prevent the government from implementing imperious and poorly considered decisions. The government must give evidence of having considered various interests properly before coming to its decisions. While I cannot accept the way judicial review has morphed into judicial striking down of decisions that are properly executive, I do see the reasoning behind the development of judicial review.

Facebook Blackout, August 25, 2013
by L. Neil Smith
If you're familiar with it at all, you know that Facebook, an Internet entity that calls itself a "social networking service" is notorious for censoring the opinions of users it disagrees with politically. Not only do users whom Facebook dislikes (mostly those who call themselves conservatives) find themselves "suspended" and the posts they've made officially removed, but in a more devious and sinister operating procedure, many individuals (mostly libertarians) see their writings disappear almost the moment they click on "Post", as if some evil manifestation of artificial intelligence were lurking in the system, waiting for some combination of keywords to occur before it strikes.

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volumes 19, and 20
by Neale Osborn
Due to a minor technical screw-up (either your editor missed them or I miss-sent them) You, my wonderful readers, got scrod. Somehow, my last two rants got misplaced [ actually it was Rant 19 that got lost, Rant 18 was published in Issue 729—Editor ]. Soooo, here they are for your reading pleasure. In all likelihood, there will ALSO be Number 20 provided to our hard working editor in time to make this issue of TLE.
Ranting Overdose Warning—Taking 2 Weekly Gun Rants in one sitting may be hazardous to your health—your financial health. It can cause an extreme desire to visit your local range a shoot a LOT of targets. And at today's prices, that can cost a bit. The Shooter General recommends spacing the reading out over 1-2 days for maximum safety.
Legal Disclaimer—The author, publisher, and editors assume no liability for any damages that may occur from reading too many Rants in a short period. If swelling of the trigger finger occurs, empty ammo boxes appear, or your spouse/significant other should get pissed over you being at the range to long, take'em with ya! That'll larn'em to go the first time you ask!

Don't Tread On Me: Fascist Czars & People who don't believe in private beaches—THIS MEANS YOU!
by Jeff Fullerton
"Once upon a Tea Party"—Should have been the title but being the hardline controversialist I just had to get in another dig in at the tyrants and populists. Which were on my mind back then on the first weekend of July 2011 as they are now.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 239
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 239 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act


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