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Number 734, August 18, 2013

Not a single American alive today was ever a slave—
except, of course, of the military and the RS. Not a
single American alive today has ever kept slaves—
except, of course, for the politicians and bureaucrats.

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Word From Cairo
by Heba Farouk Mahfouz
From FaceBook
Used by Permission

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

God damn all those who have put us in this situation, the Muslim Brotherhood, the military, the interim useless government.

God damn you!

20-year-old people writing their wills, calling their friends hysterically making sure they are well. God damn your filthy souls, you have turned our lives into mere fear, fear of loss.

God damn you all.

God damn you.

God damn you!

We do not even have the luxury of knowing who is injured how and where. Bloody day as usual, friends losing friends as usual. I cannot take it.

I come home to find my mom crying in the streets for not being able to reach me. My friends are calling me, crying, thinking I was shot or something, and other reporter friends calling to check on me while they themselves are injured, refusing to tell me how, just making sure I am fine and hanging up.

I fucking hate this country.

Why does it have to be so hard? I don't want your politics. I don't want your power. Leave us be. Let us live! let us not spend our young days writing wills, carrying and mourning the dead, and getting injured.

Damn you all rulers. Damn you all greedy groups. Damn you, Mslim Brotherhood. Damn the military. Damn the police. Damn each and every one of you all.

This country smells of blood.

Born in 1990, Heba Farouk Mahfouz is a reporter in Cairo for the Japanese news agency Jiji Press


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