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Number 735, August 25, 2013

Governments are nothing more or less than gigantic
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basis of all their operations is aggression.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 22
by Neale Osborn

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Buy a cup of Starbucks coffee on Saturday!! A whiny gun control group is pathetically trying to organize a boycott of Starbucks for Saturday. Link.

"Guns in places like Starbucks is intimidating and an unnecessary risk to our children and families," said Kim Russell, the national outreach director for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. "We are asking Starbucks to exercise its right to adopt a gun-free policy in its stores."

Isn't it amazing the lack of respect for Starbucks right to NOT adopt a gun-free policy in it's stores. Especially since not ONE open carrying or legally concealed carrying patron has ever injured another patron in a Starbucks. Again, I've been thinking of taking up coffee drinking. This clinches it! (Thanks again to Ma Kelly)

Thanks to NewStalker Petey Coober for this one. Link. What a way to get your pot. LOL. This man got a huge sur[rise when he opened his brand new 1000 pound gun safe. It seems someone in Nogales, Mexico, where the safes are manufactured They loaded the pot into the wrong safe, and it didn't get delivered to the intended receiver. I think there's gonna be a bunch of people pissed off at the delivery driver for delivering over $425K worth of pot to the wrong address.

Arizona's Flowing Wells Unified School District sent home a "Student/Parent/Principal Contract For Eliminating Guns And Weapons From School 2013—2014," according to the Huffington Post. Now, we all know the HuffPo is a liberal agenda driven site, that has never had a nice thing to say about gun ownership, so I would imagine their take on this would be favorable. it actually seems, at the moment, to be neutral. Who'da thunk it?

Another from the HuffPo idiots. Link. I happen to oppose this law in Mississippi. Because it limits the number of staff who can carry. But it IS a step in the correct direction. all a "Gun Free Zone" does is tell the scumbags where there are defendeless victims gathered together to make mass murder easier. Of course THIS article really spends some snark on the pro-gun stance.

Another shout out to Reality Check for a good find. Not only the article, but within the article, there is a link to a manual I have been looking for! Link. As usual, JPFO (one of the premier gun rights organizations out there—I recommend joining even if you aren't Jewish) brings us an interesting article.

Dateline Houston: A "legally" armed woman defends her beaten husband from criminals. How eeeevil of her to shoot at those strong-arm entrepreneurs. Link. I would have preferred to see a few dead criminals on the ground, but at least they are both alive. It's amazing that one armed person making such a spectacular save never makes the mainstream media, but what can you expect from media hacks? Returning from the bathroom to find her husband on the ground being beaten by six thugs, she opened fire on them. They shot back, and a firefight ensued. One would have wished for at least one dead thug on the ground, but at least the couple escaped. All six robbers escaped, and none of the Denny's customers (who apparently did nothing to aid a single man being beaten by six thugs) were injured in the shootout.

Chrissie, me lad, I thought you got your fat gut stapled because you want to be the REPUBLICAN presidential nominee, not the Democrat one. But it seems you actually are the asshole I have long maintained you to be. Link. Following in the steps of Kahleeforneeyah, you are trying to restrict the citizens of NJ from buying ammunition without government approval, ban certain types of firearms, and, well, we get the idea. You are yet another RINO, vying for the top spot.

On August 16, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed some gun bills and sent others back to the state legislature with "recommendations." One such recommendation is "requiring a New Jersey firearms identification card for the purchase of all ammunition."

Christie also wants physicians and screeners overseeing involuntary commitments to inquire about firearm ownership. This information could be obtained through a provision in the bills for a firearms identification card.

Christie vetoed the .50 caliber rifle ban, saying he wanted to ban long range Barrett .50 calibers, not all .50 calibers in general.

I guess it's fortunate that the fatso surgery isn't working too well (can't keep your pie-hole closed no matter what), because a tub like you doesn't stand too much chance in DC. Well, I hope my parents wake up and smell the Christie, and vote against your ass the next time they can. The sooner you are gone the better.

What an... Interesting slant on a story. Link. Read the story carefully. these guns were NOT seized, except, perhaps, for the last batch. These legally bought guns were sold to the undercover cop. So, the NYC taxpayers paid 3x retail for these guns, which will be destroyed (after, of course, New York's finest appropriate the choicest pieces for their private collections). Doesn't that sound like a fair deal for the taxpayers?

"The problem is that the gun laws passed now, so it's like now I can only buy a gun from a gun store every 30 days," Campbell complained in one conversation, according to an indictment. "So I had to, like, pay different people to keep buying different guns."

Not true. South Carolina has damn reasonable gun laws, and apart from FEDERAL guidelines requiring the report of multiple purchases within a 7 day period, there are no restrictions on multiple purchases. The only restrictions, apart from federal age limits, are on handguns—out of state purchasers can not buy handguns for in state pick-up. Said handgun purchases must be shipped to a dealer in the purchaser's home state.

There are too many examples of this story too bother to link them, but this is very telling. Not one mainstream media article on the shooting of the Australian visitor ever even hints that this might be a hate crime, despite three black youths shooting a white man out of "boredom". Yet a man shooting another man in self defense HAS to be a hate crime because the shooter was white and the dead man black. (Yes, I am referring to the Trayvon crap). And here's another one was hardly ever reported, and never classified as a hate crime. Link. EVEN WIKIPEDIA cited racism as a possibility—

The national news media was criticized for ignoring the story because the victims were white and all five of the suspects were black; most news reports came from local media and online news sites

But it hardly blipped in the lamestream media.

Weld County, Colorado. Leading the charge to freedom. It's about time that states start losing people to their asininity without people being forced to move. Seceding from the state and forming the 51st state sounds like a great idea to me!

WOW! Two neat results in one article. Link. First, a perfect 500 hits for 500 skeet targets. Second, NBC reported on a shooting event favorably. Two miracles in one story.

Now THAT'S a gun-related sign I want to see at local schools. Link. What do you want to bet that IF the lamestream media gets this story, they put it out as "Fundamentalist Christian School Waits For Islamic Terrorists" or something similar.

School administrator Perry Black told Fox News the "purpose of the sign is to prevent us from ever having to use any kind of force."

"We have a moral obligation to protect those children in our care and we're dedicated to doing that with whatever means are necessary," he said. "I'd rather be in the news for having a sign than having a tragedy."

Damn straight he does. I'm not a Christian, but I like this way of thinking.

JPFO strikes again, with truth and clarity. Link. I know, I know. All the victim-disarming asswipes out there claim the UN will do nothing of the sort. But the UN already forcibly disarms civilians wherever they go across the planet. And the documents that led to the current "treaty" lay out exactly what the goal is. It's past time to leave the UN (AND force it to leave the US).

So now the NSA (Nasty Spying Agency) thinks it has a copyright-protected logo, and that it is somehow illegal to parody it. Link. Despite Supreme Court rulings regarding parodies such as:

according to the American Bar Association. In Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, "parody is the 'use of some elements of a prior author's composition to create a new one that, at least in part, comments on that author's works.' Id. at 580. Like other forms of comment or criticism, parody can provide social benefit, 'by shedding light on an earlier work, and, in the process, creating a new one.' Id. In other words, parodies can be considered 'transformative' works, as opposed to merely 'superseding' works. Since transformative works 'lie at the heart of the fair use doctrine's guarantee of breathing space within the confines of copyright,' the more transformative the parody, the less will be the importance of other ยง 107 factors that may weigh against a finding of fair use. Id. at 579."

In addition to this, since the American taxpayers paid for (and therefore OWN) the NSA logo, ANYONE who wishes to poke fun of it, parody it, or otherwise screw around with it has the right to do so, since it is THEIR OWN PROPERTY. While the original retailer has caved to the NSA's illegal and unconstitutional demands, a new retailer,, to sell the shirts. I ordered mine!

Well, that wraps up this week's rant. See ya NEXT week!

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