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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 25 and 26
by Neale Osborn

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Rant the 25th

So the UN demands that we must determine if Zimmerman shot Martin out of hate... Link. Amazing what the assholes who aid and abet more hate crimes than any other organization on the face of the earth. Can we PLEASE just boot the assholes out of the US, and get US out of the UN?

Diane The Hunter (also known to a few as Charlene Bronson, star of Muerte Desear) has struck several times. Link. Of course, the article fails to address the REAL problem. Our reporter on the scene , fondly known to us as Crazy Al, tells the WHOLE story of exactly what Senorita Cazadora is fighting against.

About twenty years ago there was a series of systematic assaults on women in Juarez. The women, factory workers, prostitutes, and school girls were abducted, robbed, raped, and murdered. At first an attempt was made to frame an Egyptian pharmacist for these atrocities, but after that little if anything was done. Three hundred is the mas o menos count made before people stopped keeping track. The killings continue, but people have been distracted by the fight to replace the head of the Juarez Cartel in 1998 and the 2008-2011 Juarez Cartel War (the one the disavowed son of Satan Eric Holder armed in Operation Fast and Furious). Suspects include Satanic cultists, really ruthless street gangsters, rich kid thrill killers, corrupt cops (to include the federales, Chihuahua state police, and military brought in to "protect" the people of Juarez during the Cartel War), and all possible combinations of the above.
Certain bus drivers appear to have been involved, as some of the few survivors got away from bus drivers. Whether they acted alone or in cahoots with the suspects listed is unknown.
Lately a woman dressed in black, wearing a blonde wig, and calling herself Diana la Cazadora (Diana the Hunter) shot two bus drivers in retaliation for these killings, implying they were part of the group committing the abductions. She also implied she would go after more drivers. There are now undercover cops riding the buses in Juarez to catch Diana.
So, go girl go, y arriba Diana la Cazadora. And where were these undercover cops when we were talking about protecting schoolgirls and working women (both meanings)? And finally, isn't funny how the bosses will let crime ride, but let a vigilante turn up and it's general quarters to stop the crazies?

One would hope she is very careful to ascertain the guilty parties carefully, but who can blame her after 20 plus years and 300+ unsolved rape/murders with the same MO in one town.

Ahhhh, Colorado, you return to me some of my "Rocky Mountain High"! As mentioned earlier, two Colorado senators who felt quite comfortable in their assault on the US and Colorado Constitutions with actively participating in the writing and passage of Colorado's extremist assault on firearms rights, faced a recall election. They lost. Link. Poor widdle wiberals. It seems that the people of Colorado are remembering their heritage of freedom and free thinking. Recently, they voted to recognize the right of homosexuals to marry and legalized the recreational use of marijuana. And now, they have stood foursquare in support of the 2nd Amendment. And to all you conservatives out there, one of these districts is majority Hispanic, and it was overwhelmingly in favor of the recall. how about considering that the next time you rant that "Hispanics are always stuck in the pocket of the Democrats, and we can't change that." Hispanics, just like your own forefathers, came (and still come) because America IS the land of the free and the home of the brave. And if you give them a chance, they will be on the side of the Constitution more than you think. But I digress (Thanks, Neil. I love this phrase)

The recall election—the first in the state's history—inflamed legions of gun-rights activists who say the bills ran counter to Colorado's entrenched Second Amendment tradition.

The special elections drew players from both sides of the heated debate over guns in America, with the National Rifle Association and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch proponent of gun-control laws, throwing their weight behind pro- and anti-recall efforts.

Contributions to Morse and Giron totaled roughly $3 million, eclipsing the sum raised by gun-rights activists who loudly lobbied for the senators' ouster, though some independent groups weren't required to report spending, according to the Associated Press.

The NRA, for its part, contributed roughly $500,000 for "independent expenditures" related to recall efforts, spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told NBC News.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, offered up more than $300,000 to the anti-recall campaign, according to the AP. A spokesperson for Bloomberg's office was not immediately available Tuesday to confirm that figure to NBC News.

Nanny Bloomberg has had yet another of his pet projects fail. Let's hope the trend continues. Soon, the Constitution will once again reign supreme across the land.......

Now, I'm not a fan of Pastor Terry Jones. In fact, I think he's an asshole. But he has as much right to burn Quran's as Muslims (or anybody else) has the right to burn a Bible, or an American flag, or any other expression of their free speech rights. Link. And arresting him violates his 1st Amendment rights, and he oughta win the lawsuit that is sure to follow. I'm quite sure the charges will be interesting to read. A bunch of fiction, surrounding a small kernel of truth, and all used to justify violating the rights of an unpleasant man. I haven't read anything saying this, but I'll bet the excuse is "The Muslims, who are a religion of peace, might cut heads off of innocent people to retaliate for this vile Christian destroying the writings of their peace-loving prophet if he went through with this expression of his Constitutionally guaranteed rights. So, to make these Muslims happy, we arrested him." Of course, they won't be quite so truthful in HOW they say it.

My, beloved sister in law, who despises me, and allowed her hubby to verbally abuse her sister, posted a comment about Meijer's today. This is what she was berating them about. Link. Her biggest/stupidest comment? "If they want to feed people, why not just donate groceries?" What an idiot. Encouraging our youth to get out into nature, participate in an American tradition, and to eat healthier food raised free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Funny thing is, she posted this to Facebook, and got RIPPED a new one by every single comment. Even Facebook's liberal madmen can't support her on this. Who'da thunk it?

A quick shout out to the people of Colorado who are currently trying really hard not to drown. Stay safe, keep you powder dry, boil your water, and stand by to repel boarders. And beware of FEMA people who have come to "help" you.

That wraps this week's Rant up. Have a great week

Rant the 26th

A pregnant woman who didn't want a gun is glad hubby made her learn to use one. Link. And I am glad she had it, too. I guess those EEEVIL guns don't cause crimes, but they sure as shit ARE used to save lives. In this case, two of them, and one of those unborn. For an aside here, why is it okay for a woman to abort her baby, but it's murder if that "choice" is "aborted" during the commission of a crime? A woman's "choice" makes it so the death of the baby isn't murder? How does that work? either the fetus is a human, and it's murder to kill it, or it's a choice, and termination of the pregnancy is either forced or voluntary. DO NOT GET ME WRONG—If someone aborts a child against the will of the mother, by any method, it is two crimes—one is murder, the other is some form of assault. Whereas an abortion is only one crime—murder. Yeah, I know. Not very Libertarian of me, but it's my one break with the party that simply will not change.

Sooo, you guys think COPS are safer with a gun because of their training than civilians are? Link. The truth is, civilian gun owners tend to shoot our guns at the range 3-5 times more than cops do, and civilian CCW holders shoot even more, JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! And we are 10 times less likely to hit an innocent bystander. Sucks to be an innocent bystander when cops draw their guns in NYC! and the guy was pointing a FINGER at the cops. Don't worry, though. The poor crazy guy is fine—they finally hit him with a TASER. Final score—one woman grazed, one woman with a bullet in the knee, and one mentally ill man tased and subdued.

Please check your local public school system for the following AP History book referenced here. Link.

Textbook version: "The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia."

Actual 2nd Amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

There's nothing subtle in how they twisted the 2nd Amendment.

The name of this text book is United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. And the page in the picture is page 102. We encourage all parents to check their students history books for purposeful inaccuracies like this.

This kind of bald-faced lying revisionism cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. And in Texas, no less. Find out if this book is used in YOUR school system, and if so, challenge it. Read the history books your kids bring home for similar lies and deliberate distortions. We cannot allow a far left anti-individual liberties curriculum to stand. Teach a child a false fact early enough, and they will believe it. that is, after all, the original intent of the public educational system. To create workers JUST smart enough to fill the assembly line, but not smart enough to realize they are serfs. And in South Carolina, a teacher told a student to change the answer to the following question:

"Mr. Jones' gun was confiscated at a police traffic stop, even though he had the proper permit and license of ownership of the gun. Is this Constitutional?" The student originally answered "no," but the teacher told daughter to change her answer to "yes."

Link. read the article to see the actual test question photographed, with the forced correction. What is REALLY scary is that BOTH of these are in supposedly pro-gun states. and BOTH are from schools and/or texts from the controversial new federally mandated "Common Core" curriculum, which MUST be adopted in order to get certain federal funding. Big Brother is now controlling what your children learn in addition to listening in on your phone calls, reading your e-mails, and tracking all your financial transactions. A brave new world indeed.

Starbucks has caved... sort of. The CEO has asked gun owners not to bring their guns to Starbucks. But they HAVEN'T made it policy to ban them. Link. Well, it won't stop me from doing so when I need a really good hot chocolate. Unless they actually forbid carrying on premises, then it will stop me from shopping there AT ALL. After we gave them record breaking sales during our appreciation days, they turn and semi-cave?

After the Navy Yard shootings, in which a psychotic black man shot a bunch of people, many of whom were white, we, the gun knowledgeable, have decided to help our Dear journalist friends out on firearms identification. Link. using the linked chart, we have now made their stories about the shooter (he'd like us to mention his name) slightly more factual. Nearly every story I have read has the psycho using an "AR-15 Assault style weapon". Since the REAL stories all mention his SHOTGUN, the chart in the link now shows us what the journalists mean by "AR15". BTW, am I the only one noticing that the black shooter, despite shooting many whites (and other races, but most were white) has NEVER been called a racially motivated shooter? You can bet your ass that if the shooter had been white, and 2 of the 12+ victims had been black, this would be called a hate crime. But a Democrat voting black man is just "suffering from mental illness". Personally, I think he was a mentally screwed up man. The only question I have is who pointed him in that direction? NOTE—since writing this paragraph, the media HAS begun to mention he used a shotgun, so can we now blame this on Jackass-Joe Biden, the shotgun advocate?

Susan Calloway, AKA Mama Liberty, is a firearms handling and safety instructor, blogger, and author. She ALSO happens to be a friend. And whenever she chooses to pass them to me, I am going to include a few of her blog posts in the rant. Today's is at the Link.

Man Faces Prison for Shooting Carjackers
A Houston man is facing a pretty severe penalty for defending his property, after shooting and killing one carjacker and wounding another. He'll probably be ok under Texas law, but this was clearly not self defense. Since they had the drop on him, he did the smart thing and let them have what they demanded. Now, if he'd been openly armed, they probably would never have approached him, of course. But that's a separate issue. He may have had no chance to access his gun during the confrontation, though many do... and succeed. He's the only one who knows what the actual threat was at the time.

Read it. She always impresses.

WTF? A Kansas University professor not only refused to apologize, he doubled down on his demands that the next shooter in a gun free zone target NRA kids. Link.

"I don't wish what happened today on anyone," he said on the site. "But if it does happen again—and it likely will—may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today's death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat."

In his interview with Campus Reform, Timpf reported, he wished "a pox on our Congress and a pox on the NRA" for failing to have more gun control.

What an asshole. If a person on-scene had been armed, the shooter would quite probably have died sooner, and lives would have been saved. This idiot has the common sense of a rock. Fortunately, at least for now, he is not teaching students there. Of course, being tenured, he probably cannot be fired. Thanks a whole fricking lot, NEA.

While Starbucks hasn't (quite) banned guns from their stores, other stores and businesses have. Link. So let's stop giving those other places our business, and perhaps remind Starbucks of why they had some great weeks, and won't anymore. Now, let's be clear here. Stores have the right to ban ANY activity in their stores or outside service areas if they so desire. And We, the People, have the right to refuse to do business with them. Sooo, let's list a few big names that ban us.

Whole Foods has, since 2001. Not surprising, they are a left-wing liberal whack-job organization even if they HAVE come to their senses and called Obamacare fascist. And I wouldn't shop there to begin with. But I am sure many of you do. Stop, and TELL THEM WHY!

Peet's Coffee. We all know that one, because the Victim Disarmament crowd has been pushing people to shop Peet's and dump Starbucks, until Starbucks semi-caved. Tell Peet's why you are stopping.

California Pizza Kitchen doesn't allow guns on premises, but that's California, so for me, it's irrelevant.

Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't allow guns, but they serve beer to be consumed on premises, so it's probably a semi-wise choice in addition to being illegal in many states to carry in a bar anyway. But I NEVER consume alcohol while carrying, and 99.9% of gun owners don't, so it's probably irrelevant.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland prohibit guns. Since they seem like prime terrorist targets, if I cannot be armed in a prime target, I won't go to one. and I have told them why. you should tell them too.

Again, I sympathize, to an extent, Starbucks desire to leave the limelight. But I do believe it will hit them in their bottom dollar. I won't bother taking up coffee drinking just to patronize them. But if I DO enter a Starbucks (there is one at my local Barnes & Noble, where this bookworm visits often) I will carry, as I always do. Concealed, so they will never know it, unless I wind up defending myself AND their customers, now that thieves know it is less likely there will be armed patrons at Starbucks.

On one of my conversations on NewsVine, a friend asked if, perhaps, the gun grabbers mean well. I replied thusly;

Most are not well meaning. They are selfish idiots, who cater to their fears, and ignore history. They fear guns, because they know THEY cannot be trusted with one. Note that every single one of them claims that in some way, the mere ownership of (or even possession of) a gun immediately turns one into a crazed, child murderer who lives to shoot up a school, off their wives and children, or attack their place of work. Also note that every mass shooter, nearly every mass murderer, is a Democrat. And Democrats are the ones advocating gun control in all it's insidious forms. And that, my friends, is why they advocate for gun control—they fear what they would do if armed. And they transfer what they fear they would do to all of US, who have guns and have never done anything of the sort. That's why they think guns are substitute sex organs, why they think we all stroke and fondle our guns while plotting which school we are going to shoot up, and why they think guns create psychopathic killers. because it would be true.... if THEY were the ones who had a gun.

What say you?

This completes this weeks rant. Enjoy it!

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