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Number 739, September 29, 2013

Make no mistake: the only reason that
they want to take your guns is so they
can do things to you that they can't
do if you keep your guns.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 27
by Neale Osborn

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First, an apology. It is Susan CallAway, not CallOway. As her deceased husband used to say, the "O"s are from Oklahoma. The "A"s are from Texas. I knew that and misspelled it anyway. But here's her article for this week: Link.

No human being has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, nor to delegate the initiation of force.
Every living creature has the innate and automatic right to defend their life and property, and that of their family or community.
Aggression is always wrong. Defending yourself is always right. What is complicated about that?
Let's see... How many people currently cannot (in essence) "legally" defend themselves because they cannot own a gun... or in some cases, any tool even remotely effective?

Not quite gun related, but that damn "Common Core" educational crap is being used to, among other things, make our children so damn dumb they will believe anything a politician puts out there. So, I mention this. Link. They use an off-duty cop to silence a concerned parent who knows what the "Common Core" is, what it will do, and opposes it. in case he does not come through clearly, he says the "Common Core" is barely preparing kids for community college. It gives them NO chance of being prepared for Harvard. ANd despite many parents at this school board meeting demanding he be heard, he is instead cuffed and arrested. Freedom of Speech my ass. He's at a public meeting, paid for by his own tax dollars, and he is arrested to prevent having his question answered.

NOT EVEN AT SCHOOL!!!! Now, the police should have done what was necessary because they hit a student at the bus stop with one of the pellets, but why the hell does the school suspend the kids for their actions on private property? Link. Even though AirSoft guns are toys, not even classified as BB-guns, The fact they propel a projectile DOES mean gun safety lessons MUST be given prior to use, and they should be used under adult supervision. But suspended ? FOR A YEAR?!?!? Asinine.

What is the problem with giving guns AND instruction on their use to people who desire them both? Link. Funny, though, that the groups says

"This is perfectly legal because what we're doing is we're offering first of all a certified gun-instruction class, but we're not handing out the shotguns whatsoever." the ACP state director Ron Ritter told local NBC affiliate

Somehow they think there is something illegal about giving away guns without the instructions. Nope. Not so. It is, in fact, legal to gift a gun to anyone in most of the US. Most places, a gift does not even need a background check. And Constitutionally, NO ONE needs a background check.

I was thinking about this yesterday, while driving 300 miles from my parent's home to mine:

I want my children to grow up free... from fear of bureaucrats taking their property from them for failing to comply with one of the over 20,000 tax laws (just on the federal level).

I want my children to grow up free... from the fear of government removing their Constitutionally guaranteed rights by means of unconstitutional laws (such as Obamacare, gun licenses, the SHIELD Act, the USA Patriot Act, etc).

I want my children to grow up free... to pursue their dreams without needing to seek permission from the state or federal government.

I want my children to grow up free... to marry whoever they so choose, without need of a government issued "license" to grant permission.

I want my children to grow up free... to keep the fruit of their labors, and not have those fruits stolen to support those who won't work.

I want my children to grow up free... to protect themselves from all enemies, foreign or domestic, using any means they desire, without being forced to buy permission from anyone.

I want my children to grow up free... to choose where, when, and how to educate THEIR children, without kowtowing to a state, local, or federal bureaucracy that thinks it knows better than the parents what is best for their children.

I want my children to grow up free... to worship (or not) how they wish, without fear of persecution from government officials OR bigoted religious fanatics with other beliefs.

I want my children to grow up free... to succeed or fail doing what they want.

I want my children to grow up free... to be as charitable as they choose, AND ONLY as they choose, without faceless bureaucrats deciding what "charity" is approved OR mandatory.

I want my children to grow up free... to BE free.

Do you?

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