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Number 740, October 6, 2013
What they don't know and can't understand, is that
it is no longer acceptable for the elites to order
"little people's" lives for them. It is time for
the elites to shut the hell up and mind their own
damn business.

The Left's True Motivations
The Left's True Motivations
by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 4 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Jeff Fullerton and A.X. Perez

It's A Pip!
by L. Neil Smith
By now, everyone who cares is aware that Barack the Usurper and his henchman Kerry the Unpalatable have been trying to shove a United Nations edict down our throats that would culminate in our complete disarmament. Happily, the U.S. Senate, which has the final authority in such matters, has so far refused to go along. Ratification of treaties (which is what this mess claims to be) requires a super-majority of two thirds. The vote to try to take our guns away failed, 53 to 46:good news, except that it means 46 Senators were willing to sacrifice American sovereignty to the New World Order, and sell 300 million Americans into chattel slavery to a pack of international thugs and gangsters. Somebody get a rope.

This House Believes that Page 3 should be Banned
Speech to the University of London Union
30th September 2013

by Sean Gabb
Founded in 1828, the University of London Union describes itself as "UCL's oldest and arguably most prestigious society." The University motto, prominently displayed by the Union is the hexameter verse Cuncti adsint meritaeque expectent praemia palmae -- which roughly translates as "Let all come who by merit deserve the foremost prize." Last night, Monday the 30th September 2013, I spoke at one of its debates against the motion "This House Believes that Page 3 should be Banned." This refers to the calls for The Sun newspaper to be stopped from publishing photographs of half-naked women on its inside front page.

America's Secretest Weapon
by L. Neil Smith
The object in the photograph above, just short of an inch long in real life, is a round of small-arms ammunition known as ".22 Long Rifle", mostly for historical reasons, It works perfectly in hundreds of different kinds of pistols and revolvers, as well. It is a puny thing, relatively speaking, compared to other popular rifle and pistol cartridges.

For Those Who Choose to Remain Clueless
by Sean Gangol
About four months ago my parents went to San Antonio over the weekend to see my cousin grace the stage of her high school graduation. I couldn't make it due to having a job that requires me to work most weekends. While my parents were in San Antonio, they met up with my grandmother and took her to lunch. As I had written in the article "Harsh Words", my grandmother or Grams as I like to call her, is extremely opinionated and will pretty much swing wherever the rest of the left swings.

Conventional Thought
by A.X. Perez
Our current government is broken. It was broken at least as far back as when the Nixonian "War on Crime " was declared as an excuse to trample the Constitution and Trickie Dick formally repudiated the gold standard. Every overseas military adventure that was not a declared war, every treating of political dissidents as criminals and blurring of the line between criminal and enemy soldiers sine the Sixties and Seventies, every bit of fiscal irresponsibility was a stress leading to and then exacerbating this breakage. The current impasse cannot be justly laid on the shoulders of one man, even the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At most he is simply completing a logical progression begun by the Radical Republicans of the post Civil War era. Some of the steps down this path may have been necessary acts to protect the physical survival of this nation. Others may have been the result of people acting in what they thought was the nations best interest. More than a few were naked exercises of a Nietzschean will to power and/or the efforts to improperly grab money and power.

Obamacare's Bottom Line
by L. Neil Smit
There's a time-honored saying that probably goes back to ancient Sumeria: "Everything government touches turns to shit." Nowhere is it truer than with the notion that government ought to own and control medicine.

Take This Law & Shove It:
The Evil of Obama Care & The Government Shut Down

by Jeff Fullerton
As the Chinese proverb said: May you live in interesting times: it was an interesting week in Washington. The First of October, 2013. Day One. The democrats dug in their heels and for a while -- the republicans -- party of the crony capitalists became the Quisling Party with the usual suspects leading the pack! But the quasi-libertarians; the Tea Party conservatives stood their ground and even the current House Squeaker became sufficiently emboldened to manifest the hint of membership in the vertebrate phylum. They shut the abomination of the Obama Nation down. Yet the sun still came up that morning. The markets were even up. And it was also Obama Care Day One and the system was not up and running.

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 28
by Neale Osborn
I'm not a fan of requiring ID for every activity under the sun. As Heinlein said, "When a place gets crowded enough to require ID's, social collapse is not far away. It is time to go elsewhere. " However, I need to show ID to open a bank account. I need to show ID to apply for a job. I need to show ID to cash a check. I need to show ID to buy a house, EVEN IF I PAY IN FULL IN CASH!! I need to show ID in order to buy a gun (a specifically enumerated right that is not supposed to be infringed, and requiring ID in order to exercise it is most definitely an infringement). So, to be blunt, why the fuck is it racist and evil to require ID in order to vote? But our illustrious gun smuggler in chief, Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, is going to sue North Carolina for requiring exactly that -- proof you are who you say you are before you may vote. Doesn't that idiot realize that by requiring them to obtain ID (and a non-drivers ID is pretty damn cheap), a whole slew of doors open to the voters? They can get jobs, bank accounts, cash checks, buy houses, or even exercise their rights to keep and bear arms. He SHOULD be demanding the IDs be provided free of charge!

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 246
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 246 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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