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Number 741, October 14, 2013

Having an election without republicans is
like going deer hunting without an accordion

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The Intolerable Acts of the 21st Century
by Jeff Fullerton

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Week II of the apocalyptic government shutdown.
And what a week it was!
The democrats continued with their campaign of petty game playing, blame and fear mongering. The "Quasi Libertarians"—Tea Party Conservatives stood their ground while the establishment republicans -- AKA RINOs—continued their search for the easy way out and meanwhile ramped up their own rhetoric aimed at the Tea Party wing that they so desperately wish would go away.

I just wish the Affordable Care Act that is being imposed upon the nation in the fashion of my favorite hoard of Star Trek villains— "WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!"— would go away. Along with those who imposed it. Beam their collectivist ass off the planet and better yet—out of this galaxy"! That is the nature of the health care law and the "my way or the highway" attitude of progressives and the nightmarish federal bureaucracy in general that they have created. Reason alone for repealing the abomination lock, stock and barrel. On top of it being perhaps the biggest cluster bunk in the history of the universe!

The sign up websites were years in the making with millions of dollars poured into them and they are still not ready to go live. Forget about delaying it another year to fix it up. If there ever was a case for throwing the baby away with the bath water—this is it.

The baby we are talking about is Rosemary's Baby!
Birthed by the administration that is looking more and more every day like everything the science fiction writers of the last century tried to warn us about. And no matter how much Vaseline the progressive media supplies—a cactus suppository is still a cactus suppository!

And if there were not enough Quislings already: the owner of the Pittsburgh Socialists—er—Steelers has decided to promote Obumf#*k Care. The asshole is rich* and can go overseas to get care after he screws up the country for those who cannot afford to go. The nerve! In the stadium that was built at taxpayer expense over the objection of taxpayers. Much in the typical fashion of many a government plan it was railroaded thru. "Plan B" which was the fall back from Plan A. Which was (if plan A: the voters reject the referendum; do it anyway!) kind of like the sleazy way they pushed the health care law through in 2010.

I keep hearing that the Obumf#*k Care (guess that's my new pet name for the abomination) exchange sites may be populated by some of the most devious thieves and looters to walk the planet and you have to give personal personal data to them. Damned if I will! This is the tipping point where the cost of compliance outweighs the cost of defiance. Between that and that wretched census form—before I burn it I will have to send out some pics of the pages with the most grievous requests so you can see why I find it so troubling. It's a hands on history lesson that explains why the Founders found the Intolerable Acts so intolerable!

Census Form 1
(click for larger version)

Census Form 1
(click for larger version)

Census Form 1
(click for larger version)

When you read some of the invasive requests for information regarding the size of your house and number of rooms etc—you have to ask yourself: what the hell do they need to know all that stuff for? Sounds like they are trying to inventory private property so the thieves and looters of government know where to go to get stuff when TSHTF. After the free lance tax collectors among the poorly vetted "navigators" at the exchange web sites have stolen your identity and drained your bank accounts!

Between the (Un)Affordable Care Act and The American Community Survey -- and the numerous other insults and assaults upon privacy and civil liberties by the current administration you have: The Intolerable Acts of the 21st Century!

On a brighter note midweek was the Headline belly laugh of the day: Uma's Choice—if she wants to stay friends with Hilary—she must cut off Weiner! Or set him up on a blind date with Lorena Bobbit!

And the breaking news Thursday: As expected; the RINOs were trotting over to see the Prez and the Tea Party is being shut out. That story changed later to include them in the representation. Glenn Beck also broke a story that day about a hostile takeover attempt by the RINOs to broom the Tea Partier's and Libertarians out of Freedom Works last year before the election. I think the GOP are done for and I am done with complying regardless who is in power. They can take their law and shove it!

Friday was the day the truckers descend on the Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy.
They actually have a name: Truckers for the Constitution.

The Prog media was propagating the meme started by an extreme element among the strikers—who I wonder—might be a Jean Provocateur— "that the objective of the truckers is to storm the capital and arrest the President and members of congress for treason". Not a bad idea— but now the word is that the National Guard and Virginia State Police -- & the Maryland state troopers are being mobilized. Figured things could get dicey by day's end, so I thought about taking the radio with me to the greenhouse to keep up with it. But after listening to the radio much of the afternoon and hearing nothing about them I decided to just get the news later that evening.

Would have been fun to go—but I would practically need a CB radio to do interviews since I think the action will be mostly on the Beltway. There would be no drama like farmers driving their tractors in the Washington Mall because trucks were banned from the city due to terrorist concerns as long ago as the 1980s. I decided not to go on the account of finances and questions of road worthiness of my car. The exhaust system is literally falling apart and the truck is harder on gas. Need to pick and choose battles and conserve resources for the ones that will count. And they are coming.

In afterthought—I could have driven down toward DC and hung out with truckers at rest stops. Given how much they are being hammered by the "necessarily skyrocketing" fuel costs and overbearing regulations, they have plenty to talk about. Had they existed in the 18th Century -- truck drivers would be among the farmers and other ordinary people that Thomas Jefferson put his faith and trust in. In addition to being well informed politically (no doubt from hours of listening to talk radio on the road—and frequently amount the most astute call in listeners) they are grounded in the hard reality of making an honest living.

Hope they jam up the Beltway good!

Regrettably as I write—Tomorrow, Saturday; is the first local Tea Party event in Greensburg in a good while. The Southwestern PA group that last gathered at the Robert Shaw Amphitheater a month before the 2012 Election. And if that were not enough; Glenn Beck & Tea Party Patriots will be on the capital lawn with trash bags in hand to pick up after the pro-amnesty crowd that was there earlier this week. They actually got a permit. Guess the Feds had to cave least they be called on their hypocrisy of letting illegal aliens and their advocates gather after trying to chase away World War II vets the previous week. And unfortunately I will not be going—there or to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Tea Party tomorrow.

It was my luck for these short notice events to fall on a day I have to work 11A shift. And the cruel irony is that I'm off again on Sunday!

Oh well. It was time to get on with other things. Fall bulbs are here and await planting There is wood to be stacked and other things. The pursuit of happiness and the show must go on!


* not an endorsement of class envy but a mere observation of the tendency for those make it to the top to think they know what's best for the masses and disregard the consequences of their meddling.

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