Good Offenses Make good Neighbors
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Number 743, October 27, 2013
Separation of Medicine and State

by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 4 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Paul Bonneau, Jeff Fullerton, A.X. Perez, L. Neil Smith, and Jim Woosley

Good Offenses Make good Neighbors
by L. Neil Smith
There are, this very minute, a myriad of imperious directives circulating on the Internet, with regard to the official, proper, respectful, and, above everything, politically correct observance of Halloween. Elementary, middle, and high school principals, deans and student committees in what we jokingly call higher education, publications on the gooshy Hubert Humphrey left, have issued uncountable "thou shalt nots" concerning what kinds of costumes are "appropriate" and what are not. That's why I call them "Notsies".

Milksharing Is Awesome
by Jonathan David Morris
I've noticed an unfortunate trend on Facebook (which I realize is just Facebook, but which I suspect is at least partially representative of life in general) of people suddenly becoming experts on subjects they feel like adding their two cents to. The first time I noticed this trend was a few years back when flocks of birds were mysteriously dying, and people suddenly became bird experts in their comments on articles. More recently, I've noticed people becoming sudden experts on breastmilk.

Slavery is Illegal. That Negates the Entire "Healthcare is a right, pay for it, taxpayers!" Argument
by Neale Osborn
What POSSIBLE right grants you the power to infringe upon another person's right to THEIR property or liberty? Does my right to own a gun mandate that others provide me the gun? No. Does my right to free speech mandate that others must permit me to write my opinions in THEIR magazines, forums, or newspapers? No. Does my right to practice a religion freely grant me the right to force OTHERS to join my faith or face the sword? No. Does my right to be secure in my home grant me the right to destroy the homes of others who make me feel insecure? No. A right is yours, to exercise or not, as long as you do not violate the rights of others. A fear of the exercising of a right does not grant a right to deny others their rights.

You May Not Be Interested in Socialism but Socialism is Interested in You!
by Jeff Fullerton
Two weeks after the end of the Apocalyptic Government shut down; the drama and life goes on. The democrats and their media lackeys continued their blame game, doubling down and comparing the TEA Party to the KKK. The crony capitalists have pledged to support the RINOs to defeat the TEA Party and protect their cozy cushy cronyism that gives them preferential treatment at the expense of their competitors.

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 31
by Neale Osborn
I'm not generally a fan of supporting bad behavior. This time, I think I have to chalk it up to incipient senility, though, not to stupidity. Bill Russell was one hell of a basketball player. I know his name and face despite not being a fan of hoops at all. No one wants to back up stupidity. And certainly, in today's climate, "forgetting" you put a loaded pistol in your carryon is sheer stupidity. But, a 79 year old man HAS to be cut a little slack. I'm thinking he really did forget. Not that it was an evil act even if it was on purpose. But I digress.... Here's hoping a little common sense can prevail.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 249
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 249 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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The Meme
A Midweek Editorial
by L. Neil Smith

Sometimes just a few words can change the course of history.

Legend has it that in 1948, when Alice Roosevelt Longworth (TR's daughter) was an old woman, she saw a photograph of Republican Party presidential candidate Thomas E. Dewey for the first time, and remarked, "Why, he looks just like the little man on the wedding cake!" Some will argue that her words put Harry Truman in the White House.

A "meme" is a word or phrase that stays in people's minds, affects their behavior, and sometimes alters the course of history. I'm not exactly sure how a meme differs from a catch-phrase or a slogan, but I do know the power of such things, and, judging by quotations I see online, extracted from my own work, I know I'm capable of composing memes.

I want to launch a meme right now, affect people's behavior, and change the course of history. I believe it's essential, and that if we don't do something to stop medical Marxism, it will swallow up and destroy everything that was ever decent and admirable about American civilization.

Like all effective memes, it is simple, but tells the whole story:


separation of medicine and state

Separation of Medicine and State

If we use it every time we get a chance, if we inject it into every conversation, if we include it with every message we send, it could rewrite the horror story we find ourselves living through and save the lives of our children and grandchildren. It could save the world.

Separation of Medicine and State.

I'll have it printed on calling cards along with the URLs for L. Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, and Down With Power, my award-winning book on libertarian policy, and give them out to everybody, leave them behind on restaurant tables and grocery store shelves.

If you really want to restore freedom to medicine (it was a hideous mess long before Obamacare, thanks to decades of government interference) you can start by passing this editorial along to everyone you know—especially doctors and others in medicine) and then have some cards made or exercise your cleverness in some other way.

The important thing is to stop this crouching and freezing like frightened, defeated rabbits, and start striding forward once again, toward a bright and sunny future of peace, freedom, progress, and prosperity.

A dream, powered by a meme.

* * * * * *

And our Publisher Mr. Smith sent along this link here with the note "Stop the Trademark Office from Denying Rights Based on Race: THE SLANTS". I'm not familiar with the term "slants" but no doubt everyone else is (and please don't write telling me what it means, if I gave a rat's ass I'd look it up myself you know).

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