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Number 744, November 3, 2013

That unfailing appeal of the Free Lunch

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Dear Ken & Others

Why Libertarians Are Seeing Political, Social Clout Grow
Been looking at stuff pertaining to the upcoming election in Virginia where the democrat is likely to win because of that unfailing appeal of the Free Lunch and the fact that recent expanison of the govt workforce has shifted northern VA to the blue. I saw that the republicans are worried about the Libertarian candidate being a spoiler because it looks like he may pull ten percent of the vote.

So at the risk of people thinking I'm smoking some serious crack cocaine: I thought what if?

What if the Tea Party deciced to be the ultimate spoiler by voting the Libertarian ticket. And if they could persuade a majority of republicans to cross over they could start a powershift that would literally rock the planet! The statistics given in the article at the link above_ if they are accurate- indicate the possibility of such a shift giving the libertarian candidate 46 % of the vote! Sounds outlandish but then again the Tea Party went from candidate to candidate—anyone but Romney and only in the end went with him as a last desperate resort. If republicans cannot win—or keep reniging on their promises to make government smaller—why do they have to stay with the GOP? And why should dyed in the wool country club republicans for that matter?

Glenn Beck says "think outside the box".
All republicans jumping ship to the Libertarian Party to enable them defeat the democratic candidate?
Political Judo.
It doesn't get more outside the box than that"!

Jeff Fullerton

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Re: "Good Offenses Make good Neighbors" by L. Neil Smith

Dear Neil

I'm so sorry to see your sad suggestions of racial superiority. While people generally agree that the Irish are a fine, upstanding race, noted especially for inventing the sport of dwarf tossing, everyone KNOWS that it is the Scots (or is that just Scotch?) who rule the world—much to the chagrin of the pathetic Brits...

I will give the Irish that they have excellent taste in whiskies: it is a well-known fact that the Irish all drink Scotch Whiskey because it is the BEST (while at the same time the Scots all drink Irish whiskey because it is the cheapest...)

And by the way, do you know what the numbers 1492 and 1776 have in common? They're apparently adjoining rooms in the Warsaw Hilton...

GW Standing up in rowboat

And, you've all seen this famous painting. I've heard that it proves that George Washington was Polish.

After all, who else would stand up in a rowboat...

Thanks for the reminder, Neil. We all need to laugh at these bastards, even while we're screaming at them!

Rob Gillespie

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