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Number 744, November 3, 2013

That unfailing appeal of the Free Lunch

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Brad's statement for The Libertarian Enterprise
by Brad Linaweaver

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Thank you, L. Neil Smith, for this opportunity to provide my two bits worth (but not Bitcoin) to the controversy haunting the Silver Circle platform.

The topic is bad reviews. Although I have been a novelist and short story writer and essayist and script writer and publicist and producer and editor and publisher, I must admit to wearing one other hat. I have been a critic.

Over the decades I have reviewed books and movies in all sorts of magazines and newspapers. What is more to the point is that I publish my own magazine, Mondo Cult. Not every review I've done over the years is an endorsement.

I would be a hypocrite to be overly critical of other people's criticism. Even so, I was surprised by the venom of Davi Barker's attack on J. Neil Schulman's feature film of Alongside Night and an episode from my webisode series, Silicon Assassin: "Window of Opportunity." J. Neil Schulman and I hired many professional people in the film industry to help with our projects. To hear Barker tell it, there was nothing remotely professional about the final results. The only thing he forgot to criticize was the food catering. The review is indigestible.

Speaking for myself, anyone who wants to judge Silicon Assassin can see it for themselves at [this link].

As someone who has worn all those different hats in an eclectic career I am not speaking as a critic when I point out the real problem of Barker's hit piece appearing at the Silver Circle website. I have never seen a site created to promote an independent film used to attack the competition. Pasha Roberts claims the issue is censorship. The issue is his lack of professionalism in allowing his own promotional site to be used in this manner.

Brad Linaweaver

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