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Number 745, November 17, 2013

The most common threat to individual liberty in the
United States of America is "local law enforcement."

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''What are we going to do about it?''
by Sean N. Gruber

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"You're all just a bunch of fucking slaves!!! And what are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it?!!!"—Jim Morrison

If it wasn't for the cops what would Obama's—or Bush's or whoever the current, flavor-of-the-week tyrant, that happens to have the "government" and it's guns in their possession—decree's matter? I seriously doubt Hillary Clinton or John McCain are going to take to the street to enforce "laws" that tell me I can't own guns or smoke some dope (although Rumsfeld and Cheney might if they couldn't find some moron with an overpowering amount of testosterone and an under-powering amount of education, intelligence and plain old common sense.) The police are the enforcers. I contend that in fact THEY are the literal government. (It's funny to me that so many of the same people who are the staunchest advocates of electing "good sheriffs" are the most critical of my previous contention.)

If we want our country back the first target should be the police! Yet I get yelled at constantly for saying these things by people that basically agree with the same principles as I! If I'm missing something, I've not yet met the person that can adequately explain to me just WHAT it is that I fail to see. (And, yes, I do actually listen.)

It's understandable with some of the newer to the freedom movement that they would be unwilling or unable to hear this or embrace it. I doubt that one can quickly reach the level of disgust and outrage that I have finally managed to build up towards the "government" and more specifically the local police. I know, I'm supposed to hate the FBI and BATFE more. But it just hasn't worked out that way for me.

It's LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) and the NHP (Nevada Highway Patrol) that I see constantly and therefore have to live in fear of, constantly. Maybe a disgruntled ex calls the cops and my dogs get shot and then I get myself tasered to death for "talking back" about it. I can literally think of hundreds of examples. I got stopped once by a LVMPD cop for walking my dog (wearing pajama's mind you) because I was "fitting a description" turned out the guy they were looking for had just stolen a sport bike and taken them on a high-speed chase and escaped. (Lots of people stash a beagle in their back pack while wearing their pajama's and steal eight thousand dollars sport bikes- all the better to fool the good, honest, cop on the beat, right?) One could say why am I upset about that incident? Well, firstly if you are the kind of person that asks that question I don't understand why you are still reading this essay. But I'll answer anyway. Because I have dignity. And also because I was armed, and the same agency had just shot a man legally carrying a firearm a week or two before walking out of the front of a Costco. (Erik Scott, you should look it up.) If one can't see how easily a completely innocuous event can lead to the death of an innocent person at the hands of modern day "local law enforcement" one is simply not paying attention.

However MY greatest fear is that with a great many of our supposed "allies" in this struggle against government oppression it is just plain naked fear that makes them unable or unwilling to recognize that the police are the actual problem.

A Fear of realizing that to get America back to being a Constitutional Representative Republic, violence is going to be necessary.

If the way the establishment deals with third parties teaches us anything, it should be that "voting the bastards out" is more of a pipe dream than taking down a major urban police department single-handedly.

Hell, drop the third parties. Let's just look back to Ron Paul. Obama wouldn't have been elected the first time, let alone the second time, if it wasn't for the GOP establishment. The writing is clear, bright and on the nearest wall for you to look at; the GOP would rather have Obama than Ron Paul. Not just the first time. Not just the second time. But, every time! Ron Paul is a threat to an establishment that seeks to disarm you. That uses force to tell you what you can or cannot put into your OWN body. And coming soon, what you MUST put into your body. (Parents being forced to put their kids on mind altering drugs, I.D. chips surgically implanted by decree or mandate, Etc Et all. Emphasis on; more to come.) An establishment that intends to de-value our currency so badly that we will all end up in soup lines! (Until the soup runs out anyway.)

In other words does "...when after a long train of abuses and usurpations..." ring a bell, anyone?

I don't recall the founders agitating about how "they are a lot of good redcoats out there."

Sometimes I think it is just that our "allies" are stupid. But mostly, I think that it is fear. On the other hand, maybe they just like to bitch about Obama and pretend that if their party or their buddies or maybe they themselves were in charge, things would somehow be different. I don't know. But I do know they always manage to come up with another round of excuses for whatever obviously outlandish, tyrannical and often murderous action these Samurai class assholes commit. Again, I don't know exactly why.

But I do know this: the most common threat to individual liberty in the United States of America is "local law enforcement."

So I feel compelled to ask; what would happen if every one of us just started capping every street cop we saw, tomorrow? I bet it would be a DAMNED long time before we'd have to hear about the Washington D.C. park police throwing someone like Adam Kokesh in Federal prison for exercising his Constitutionally protected individual right to keep and bear arms, in a federal park, again! And I'm damned sure that Feinstein's "assault weapons bans" would become. A fart in the wind forgotten before it was noticed.

Or you can get out and vote, yeah, that'll make a difference.

The question posed to us by Mr. Morrison is hard to answer, for sure. But I do know what I'm going to do about it, when the time comes...

Sean N. Gruber is a Las Vegas, Nevada resident. He hosts a Radio Show with his buddies David Hart, and Jim Deunsing every Thursday and Sunday from 9 p.m. pacific time to midnight on BLOGTALKRADIO called; ROUNDTABLEGROUP

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