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Number 745, November 17, 2013

The most common threat to individual liberty in the
United States of America is "local law enforcement."

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Clinton Vs Christie / Alien Vs Predator : Whoever Wins We Loose
by Jeff Fullerton

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Last issue I wrote a letter to the editor pertaining to the pending elections that happened this week.

Need to apologize for not vetting the so called "Libertarian" candidate in the VA race a little better. Day before the election on my drive to work, Glenn Beck was leading with a story that suggested he might not be so genuine. And Ron Paul also saying the same.
More I thought about it; I remembered a guy on the PA Libernet back in the early 2000s who thought that land ought to be taxed instead of buildings and other improvements on the grounds that taxation not discourage people from improving property. Yet on the flip side he believed in a land tax because the Earth is common to all people and appropriation of land for private use was a withdraw of a limited resource from a common store. That sounded a little too collectivist for me and I think he may have been—I've heard of something called an "Eco-libertarian".

Or Georgist—I looked it up—which is the official definition of those who advocate a single tax on land value as an alternative to taxing infrastructure or other things.

The idea of paying user fees for roads—as Sarvis advocated—is actually a Libertarian concept—but tracking people with GPS is spooky and Orwellian. As if we dont have enough tracking and snooping going on already! And I think land property should not be taxed because property taxes in addition to being a rent levied on private property are a mechanism to transfer land from the poor to wealthier people for the purpose of increasing the tax base. A revelation of the true self-serving nature of government and its minions!

And in the case of Kelo V New London the Supreme Court—the same one that gave the green light for Obum-F Care—said it was ok!

Given that and the fact that the democrats were once the party of Thomas Jefferson—Liberty will always require eternal vigilance. Even after Libertarians or Tea Partiers sweep the congress and Senate and put a man or woman in the White House. The lack of which got us into the current mess we are in. If there is anything to be learned from this most recent debacle—looks can be deceiving. And so can partisan labels and our own personal assumptions regarding them.

It turns out the "Libertarian" candidate who took Glenn Beck, myself and surely many others by surprise in the Virginia race was backed by the Dems ; and the GOP who stabbed their own Tea Party candidate in the back. Also NYC has just elected something very close to a communist with a slogan even lamer than Bill Clinton's infamous: I didn't Inhale. Bill De Blasio smoked crack only because he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing. Which is pretty much sums up the state of most politicians even when they are sane and sober and not lying! You have to give it to Barrack Obama: who was honest enough to brag about his youthful misadventures smoking whatever with the Marxist professors and other friends in his college days; rebelling against the norms of bourgeois society.

For a while I bemoaned that we no longer have the food and drink nazi—Mayor Bloomberg to kick around anymore. But his legacy will endure as the news broke Friday that the FDA is taking up his crusade to ban trans fats nationwide!

And big surprise from Pittsburgh where the slavish partisan devotion of voters ongoing since the 1960s—just put another democratic mayor in office. By about 85 percent of the vote! Jim Quinn of America's Morning Show called it an example of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". But really—the voters are not looking for results. They are just circling the wagons to protect their Free Lunch at all cost!

Like they are doing in many other cities, states and nations.
Detroit, California and France come to mind.

All the while republicans are letting go by the perfect opportunity to push for the flat out repeal of Obum-F Care which in terms of popularity—even among democrats—is falling apart faster than my dilapidated old car! Because they are too busy fighting tooth and nail to protect their own version of the Free Lunch—from that menacing band of church going, Constitution crazy Tea Partiers!
And if that were not bad enough the Republicans are actually weighing the odds of running Chris Christie against Hillary Clinton. [link]

Oh Pa-Lease!
You gotta be kidding!
Clinton vs Christie? That sounds too much like that movie: Alien vs Predator which had a trailer slogan so appropriate to describe everything that is wrong with the available choices in our current two party system; Whoever Wins We Loose!

Another caricature that comes to mind—Hitler in Drag vs Fat Bastard.
Most who I have talked to expect Hillary to come out on top of that contest being that Hitler in Drag is still prettier and more appealing to voters than the obese villain from the Austin Powers movie. My guess; the next GOP pick will be Doctor Evil!

Who knows: Hillary and Mr Christie might even bury the hatchet and run on the same ticket. They would be the perfect pair for the comeback—or I should say creation of an authentic Progressive Party. Then rather than the Red States suceeding—we could expel New Jersey, New York and the rest of the Northeast and I would happily part with Philadelphia and the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Then the two could rule the Blue State Union as co-presidents or King & Queen for life.

Now that's what I call a match made in Heaven!
Or was it the other place?
Which our nation seems to be on the fast track to becoming. It's like being entertained by the cast of Atlas Shrugged with comic relief on a train Hell-bound for the broken trestle over the crevasse of oblivion!

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